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What Question Would You Like To Ask Zendaya?

Now's your chance!

Whether she's acting, singing or composing truly incredible tweets, it's undeniable that Zendaya is an absolute queen.

So when BuzzFeed UK were offered the chance to speak to Zendaya, obviously we jumped at the chance. However, this is an interview with a twist — we want to put your questions to her.

So, if you've ever wanted to ask Zendaya a question, now is your chance. Maybe it's something about her career — like how she decided to pursue a job in the entertainment industry.

Perhaps it's a question about one of the TV shows or movies she's been in.

Maybe there's something you'd like her advice on.

Or perhaps it's something completely random, like what her favourite pizza topping is.

Whatever it may be, let us know your questions for Zendaya in the Dropbox below.

The best responses will be put to her and will feature in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.