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    Proof That Kylie Jenner Really Hasn't Had Lip Surgery

    We've examined the evidence.

    Kylie Jenner was widely criticised for having secret lip surgery after her pout appeared fuller a few months ago.

    Everyone on Twitter was speculating about whether she'd had work done.

    And it wasn't long until "before and after" photos began circulating on Tumblr.

    She even took to Twitter to deny it.

    But on closer inspection, it's clear that Jenner's lips really are down to exceptionally well-applied makeup.

    When this image is zoomed in, Jenner's own lips are just about visible – as are the lip-liner and space between her natural lip-line and the makeup.

    Same goes for this one.

    And also this one.

    So, let's all go back to admiring the powers of the Kardashian clan's makeup and contouring and leave the surgery rumours alone.