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    18 Celebrity Couples Who Need To Cut The Crap And Get Back Together

    Breaking up is hard to do.

    1. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

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    They were together for six years and married for three, with their highs and lows as husband and wife tracked through the reality show Newlyweds. Jessica went and broke all our hearts in 2005 by filing for divorce from Nick, and even though they're now both remarried, we still can't give up the thought of them reuniting so they could have many more conversations about the difference between chicken and tuna.

    Because this moment is nothing short of iconic.

    And it's arguable you have never seen a bride and groom as loved-up as these two.

    2. Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

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    Johnny and Vanessa got together in 1998, and went on to have two children together. They were always the most stylish couple on any red carpet, but rarely spoke about their relationship or family life, preferring to keep things private. Which made their split, 14 years after they got together, all the more upsetting.

    3. Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult

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    These two met on the set of X-Men, but didn't go public with their romance until 2011. And even then, they kept things very much under wraps. They called things a day last year. There was just something sweet about this British guy and Hollywood A-lister falling in love and managing to have a normal relationship.

    Just look how they laughed together. Oh, and Nicholas saying, "Well done, babe" after Jennifer won a Golden Globe is breaking our hearts all over again.

    4. Heidi Klum and Seal

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    These two met in 2004 while she was pregnant with her daughter from a previous relationship, whom Seal later went on to adopt. They were together for eight years and had three biological children together, but split in 2012. Pretty damn heartbreaking when they seemed like one of the most stable couples in showbiz. And who can forget their epic Halloween parties? 😢


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    5. Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody

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    These two met on the set of The O.C, where their characters, Seth and Summer, initially found each other intolerable, before eventually getting together and becoming the most perfect couple on the show. And they made every fan's dreams come true when they began dating in real life. They were together for three years before RIPPING OUR DAMN HEARTS OUT and splitting in 2006. We know that they're both happy in new marriages with cute babies now, but it'll be forever ~Seth and Summer~ in our hearts.

    And we never got to see these moments happen for real.

    6. Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron

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    They started their relationship back in 2005 after meeting on the set of High School Musical. They were perfect for five years before splitting, and we haven't seen either of them look as happy as they were when they were together.

    7. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling

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    These two met on the set of The Notebook, and the only thing that got us through the heartbreak of watching that movie was knowing they were in love in real life. They dated for four years on and off before going their separate ways in 2008.

    Who can forget when they won the MTV Movies Award for "Best On-Screen Kiss," and re-enacted the moment from The Notebook?

    Because tbh, I'm still not over it.


    8. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

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    WE KNOW they've been divorced for many years and we know they're both happy with their very separate lives. But there was a period where Brad and Jen were the power couple of Hollywood, and no one else has come close since.

    And this episode of Friends was so goddamn perfect.

    9. Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder

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    Danny Martindale / Getty Images

    Eleanor had seen Louis through his rise to megastardom with One Direction, and they managed to keep their relationship going despite his crazy work schedule and her time at uni. So the fact they split earlier this year after four years together was just plain sad.

    Just LOOK at the way he gazed at her.

    10. Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom

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    They met and married within 30 days, but defied all odds by remaining married for four years. Despite fertility struggles and family drama, "Khlomar" stayed strong, so it was pretty shocking when reports emerged of infidelity and drug abuse. Khloé recently admitted she'd lived "a double life" for years and filed for divorce in 2013. The paperwork has yet to go through, so maybe there's still hope? PLEASE LET THERE BE HOPE.

    Because they were just so in love and happy together.


    And this is almost too real to deal with now. 😢

    11. Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter

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    When this pair announced their split in 2014, everyone was stunned — they'd been together for 10 years, had children together, and were a creative powerhouse.

    Plus, just look at how great their couple's Ice Bucket Challenge was.

    12. Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell

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    They'd been on and off for five years when they decided to get married in 2010, and a year later she gave birth to their son. But after just 19 months of marriage, they called time on their relationship. But they were always so goddamn cool – and their matching tattoos are testament to the fact that they truly believed they'd be together forever. 😢

    13. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz

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    Ashlee and Pete were a match made in ~rocky~ ~alternative~ heaven. They got together in 2006, got engaged in 2008, and married later that year. They went on to have a son, the brilliantly named Bronx Mowgli, before they separated in 2011. And we sobbed while listening to the most emo of emo songs we could find on our iPods.

    14. Dev Patel and Freida Pinto

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    When these two met on the set of Slumdog Millionaire, and struck up a relationship afterward, critics were quick to point out that the four-year age gap and difference in levels of fame meant their union was doomed. But they stayed together and managed to keep their romance out of the limelight for six whole years. Speaking to The Guardian after their split, Dev said: "We are incredibly close. She's just a really generous, patient human being who has been one of the most impactful people on my life. A lot of my motivation has come from her, from being with her and knowing her."

    Pass the tissues, please.

    15. Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie

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    Hilary and Mike were married for five years and had a son together. They seemed like the most normal celebrity family in existence, shunning the limelight for time together, but alas they decided to split last year. There were talks of a reconciliation, but that just got our hopes up because it turns out the divorce is definitely going ahead — something that became clear when Hilary was found on Tinder. 😔

    But they walked every red carpet like total pros.

    16. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe

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    You know how they say the best couples look like each other? Well, for a while Reese and Ryan seemed to prove this theory. They met at her 21st birthday party in 1997, got married ,and had two children together before splitting nine years later in 2006. And we wondered if there'd ever be such a pretty celebrity couple to ever grace the red carpet again.

    Especially when this moment definitely happened IRL.

    17. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

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    They met when they were both stars of The Mickey Mouse Club back in 1990, but didn't start dating until 2000, for three years. In that time they wore matching denim outfits and were pretty much obsessed with each other. Reports suggested things ended on a bad note, when Justin went on to release "Cry Me a River" with the video starring a Britney look-alike, and she responded with "Everytime."

    Our hearts broke, because they'd known each other since they were THIS TINY.

    And were so unbelievably cute together.

    And YEARS after they broke up, Britney revealing Justin was her first ever kiss is just 💔.

    18. Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom

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    They were together for six years before deciding to divorce in 2013, which was gutting because along with their son, Flynn, they were the cutest celebrity family EVER. Their breakup was just upsetting given how ridiculously happy they always were around each other.

    Just look at those smiles.

    And even after they'd split up, Orlando still took time to let Miranda know how beautiful she looked when he saw her at an awards ceremony.

    Brb, crying forever.

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