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39 Reasons Why "KUWTK" Won't Be The Same Without Scott Disick

According to E! News, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have split up after nine years together. He might not be appearing on Keeping Up With the Kardashians again, so here are his best moments.

1. Because he always spoke the truth.

2. And could always say what everyone else was thinking.

3. Before reminding everyone who the real star of the show was.

4. He could always be relied on to remind the family of the phrase "pot, kettle, black".

5. And said things like this, moments before Kim walked down the aisle for the third time.


6. He thought nothing of trolling a pregnant Kim.


7. And decided this was the best course of action for supporting Kim through her pregnancy.

8. When Kourtney tried to sass him, he'd sass back harder.

9. In fact, he was pretty much an expert at this.

10. He was always good at reminding Kris that it's no longer 1997.

11. And when Caitlyn Jenner gave him a less than inspiring pep talk, he made this excellent point.

12. And he was the only light relief in the emotional episodes about her transition.

13. When he was on the straight and narrow, he was a pretty good dad too.

14. And didn't hold back in reminding Kris that she did in fact have a granddaughter.

15. He also taught his son about romance at an early age.

16. And never wanted Penelope to leave his arms.

17. But then he also came up with the best observations about Kourtney's fertility.

18. He was an expert at witty one-liners.

19. Especially when it came to joking about Kris's bra.

20. Or Kim and Khloe's taste in coffee.

21. He always gave his honest opinion when it came to people's appearances.

22. And Kourtney's interior design skills.

23. He always made sure Kim was making the right business decisions.

24. As well as highlighting the goddamn ridiculousness of the ideas she had for her personal life, too.

25. He always had the most perfect comebacks to questions about his relationship with Kourtney.

26. And made the best out of the fact that the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan hated him.

27. Anyone who crossed him got seriously owned.

28. Or received an A+ comeback.

29. And no one was safe from his shutdowns.



31. Oh, and this quip about Kim's marriage to Kris Humphries was spot on.

32. And sometimes he didn't even need to use ANY words.

33. But ultimately, his relationship with Kourtney was the best thing.

34. Because even when he was turning the tables on her...

35. ...and dealing with arguments like this...

36. ...and reminding everyone of the sacrifices he's made to be a part of the family...


37. ...he really did listen to her.

38. And could make her smile when no one else was able to.

39. Scott and Kourtney, we will miss you.


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