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Pete Davidson's Ex Had A Savage Response To His And Ariana Grande's Engagement

Let's just say it involved a screenshot and a lot of: "HAHAHA."

You've probably heard the shock news that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are reportedly engaged after just a couple of weeks of dating.

I say shock news, because despite their constant Instagram flirting, no one expected an engagement so soon.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are moving at the speed of light in their relationship. At this rate they'd have adopted a kid and gotten divorced by the end of July. #ArianaGrande

Well, it turns out that Pete's ex-girlfriend, Carly Aquilino, was rather surprised too.

In fact Carly, who dated Pete for a year before splitting with him in 2015, shared a pretty savage Instagram story on the same day the news broke.

The screenshot showed a text message between her and an unnamed friend hinting at the news, with Carly responding: "HAHAHAHA."

She then went on to share this screenshot, announcing that she was giving up on love.

Meanwhile, Cazzie David, the ex-girlfriend Pete broke up with just last month, shared this snap on Instagram after the news was announced.

And while the caption was probably just relating to the fact she was on vacation, many people in the comments brought Pete and Ariana up.

Wow, this engagement gets more dramatic by the day.