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    Here's All The Evidence Of Amy Schumer "Stealing" Jokes

    A video showing her apparently stealing the jokes of four comedians has gone viral and has led to her releasing a statement defending herself against the accusations.

    Amy Schumer has made a name for herself over the past couple of years as being a pretty original badass comedian.

    However, many people are now suggesting that she stole several jokes from the late Patrice O'Neal, as well as from Wendy Liebman, Tammy Pescatelli, and Kathleen Madigan.

    Over the weekend, Liebman, Pescatelli, and Madigan had a now deleted Twitter conversation about her that was sparked by this tweet.

    The meme, which has nothing to do with Schumer, uses one of Liebman's jokes without credit.

    Fellow comedian Chuck Martin then implied that Madigan had had similar experiences.

    So maddening. You and @kathleenmadigan should talk.

    At this point Pescatelli joined in, claiming Schumer had "stolen" the work of female comedians.

    She continued: "If we call her on it we are 'jealous' or career shamed. Be successful. WE want you to do well, just do it with your own material.BTW she blocked me."

    Pescatelli then linked to a joke she made during Comedy Central's Half Hour in 2006.

    During the joke, she says: "Women dress for other women. That's why, men, if we love you, we dress you for other women too. That's why we dress you stupid. Because we want a woman to look at you and think, 'He's cute but I can't fix all of this.'"

    She then compared it with a joke from the trailer of Schumer's movie Trainwreck.

    In it, Schumer is seen talking to her sister about her sister's husband, saying: "You dress him like that so no one else wants to have sex with him? That's cool."

    Then Pescatelli linked to a joke Madigan made during a sketch called "Slap Oprah", back in 2011.

    In the sketch, Madigan jokes about Oprah being rich enough to hire someone to literally slap food out of her hands in order to lose weight. She says: "I get why poor people are fat, but Oprah, you're a billionaire. You have enough money to pay a man to stand there and literally slap shit out of your hand before you put it in your mouth. You could hire a full-time food slapper."

    Before comparing it with a sketch Schumer did in 2014 called "Slap Chef".

    In the sketch, Schumer is seen telling a friend about a new weight loss regime she's following. She says: "It's a new weight loss programme that takes decision-making out of the equation. First, one of the slap chefs makes you one of their signature dishes, then before you can say 'Slap Chef', they slap it out of your hands." A montage of that happening then follows.

    Pescatelli went on to tweet: "So many more but nobody least Cosby knocked his victimes out b4 he raped them."

    She continued: "No beef. Just presenting facts of oppression and degradation. I tell my truth today, because I too, have a dream."

    But before long, people across the internet were drawing more comparisons between Schumer's jokes and the work of other comedians.

    People pointed out that following her joke about slapping food out of Oprah's hands, Madigan goes on to say Oprah could also pay somebody to move her limbs and exercise for her.

    She said: "You're so rich you could pay someone to exercise you. You could just lay there like a baby with cerebral palsy and have people move your legs."

    While after her "Slap Chef" sketch, Schumer jokes about the "Sleep Gym", where you're induced into a coma before trainers work your body for you.

    A voiceover says: "Sleep Gym is a workout programme where we do all the work. After we induce you into a coma, it's off to the gym. As the Sleep Gym trainers take your body through strenuous workouts, the increased bloodflow painlessly burns the calories away. You'll never feel yourself having to do annoying things ever again."

    Then there's this joke, made by Liebman in the 1990s, about making men pay on a first date.

    She says: "Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I like it when the guy pays. For sex."

    And in 2015, Schumer made a similar joke.

    She says: "I'm a good person, I swear to you. I am very old-school – I think the guy should always pay on the first date. For sex."

    Other people pointed to Patrice O'Neal's stand-up from 2006, in which he jokes about sex moves.

    He says: "Have you ever heard of Gorilla Mask Her? That's when you come in her face, and then take some pubic hair and throw it at her."

    Before pointing to Schumer's stand-up from 2015, in which she makes a joke on a similar theme.

    She says: "There's the Abraham Lincoln. That's where the guy trims his pubes, comes on a girl's face, and throws the pubes so she has that facial hair."

    The next joke O'Neal makes is this one. / Via

    He says: "There's The Poltergeist. But you need your friend for this one. You're fucking her from behind, and then you sneak out and he takes your place. And then you walk outside and wave at her through the window."

    While Amy says this.

    http://:// / Via http://://

    She says: "The worst one I've ever heard is 'The Houdini.' It's where the guy's having sex with the girl from behind. Then, unbeknownst to her, his friend subs in for him. Guy 1 runs outside, knocks on the window, and waves to the girl."

    It wasn't long before people began calling Schumer out on Twitter.

    @amyschumer you are a fraud.. it's so blatantly obvious you have stolen other comedians jokes and worded them differently...

    Just heard the stolen jokes. Pretty similar Amy, actually almost identical when reworded. A think not! #Thief @amyschumer

    I used to think Amy Schumer was one of the only funny girls until i found out she stole some jokes from the late legend Partice O'Neal

    Others pointed out that she used to open for O'Neal and may have heard his material then.

    When you *used to open for the comedians whose jokes you stole*, there's no "parallel thinking" going on, @amyschumer. Don't even try that.

    However, now Schumer has denied any allegations of stealing jokes.

    On my life, I have never and would never steal a joke.

    She also appeared on a US radio show, The Jim Norton Advice Show, to "clear her name".

    Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty Images

    During the interview, she said: "I wanted to come and talk to you and clear my name, because I would never ever do that and I never have. I'm so like, 'Is this anyone's bit?' I have to come up with so much material, for my TV show, this movie, stand-up, and I'm so careful, and none of these things had ever reached me. I would never do that, it would be so stupid for me to do that."

    She went on to say that she was going to take a lie detector test to prove that she had never seen the O'Neal sketch before.

    Schumer went on to say that she believed Pescatelli was deliberately trying to stir up trouble with her tweets.

    She said: "Kathleen and Wendy know me and don't believe I would do that – I think that Tammy is trying to get something going, I don't know ... I think she is upset ... people get upset by success."

    However, after Schumer's comments were reported, Pescatelli took to Twitter to reject claims that she was starting trouble deliberately.

    I appreciate the credit of being a mastermind,but I am ahard working wife,mom&comic.I barely have time 2start my car

    Many people have spoken out in support of Schumer, including actor and comedian Aziz Ansari.

    Anyone accusing @amyschumer of stealing jokes is a ding dong. She's one of the hardest working ppl I've ever met. Doesn't steal jokes.


    When asked for further comment, Schumer's publicist referred BuzzFeed to her interview with The Jim Norton Advice Show.