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    People Are Spamming Louis Tomlinson's Instagram With "Larry" After He Tried To Block It From His Comments

    This is genuinely out of control.

    Ever since One Direction were formed, a portion of the fandom have developed an outrageous conspiracy theory. It suggests that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are secretly in a relationship.

    The theory is built on all numerous components. Every single comment either of the guys has made, and every slight hint in body language has been recorded, analysed, and used as "proof" of their relationship.

    The portion of the fandom that believe in the relationship have called the pair "Larry Stylinson".

    It was this theory that led to a whole other conspiracy theory – Babygate – which suggested that Louis's son Freddie doesn't actually exist, but was an elaborate scheme concocted to distract the world from Larry Stylinson.

    Both Louis and Harry, however, have vehemently denied that they are or ever have been romantically involved.

    @skyleridk Hows this , Larry is the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard. I'm happy why can't you accept that.

    When one interviewer said that the amount of investigative work the fans put into "proving" Larry is real, Louis shot back: "That's a fucking annoyance. I wouldn't say it was impressive. I'd say it was fucking annoying." In another interview he said that the rumours had impacted the way he behaved around Harry, especially in public.

    And it seems that Louis has become well and truly fed up of these rumours.

    This week, Instagram rolled out a new function where users can block a list of words they find offensive or inappropriate so that any combination of those words won't appear in their comments.

    And it turns out that Louis instantly blocked one word in particular: "Larry."

    I tried I wrote Larry on Louis comment in instagram and it wouldn't let me... wtf. Is happening it like put a red triangle what's going on

    Fans could tell, because whenever they attempted to comment using the word, it wouldn't appear publicly.

    Naturally, some fans lost their minds.

    oh my god louis actually blocked larry comments I cannot believe

    so apparently louis blocked "larry" on his ig comments sigh my son why u gotta be like this

    But now Larry shippers have found a quick way around the block. They've simply spelled "Larry" slightly differently.

    As a result, Louis's comments are a goddamn mess.

    Seriously, it's spectacular.

    It goes on for thousands...

    ...upon thousands...

    ...of comments.

    And fans have even now come up with a new moniker for the pair: Houis.

    And many have simply switched to commenting "Houis" instead.

    And so now his comments are a beautiful mix of "LARRRYYYYY" and "Houis."

    While many fans think it's funny, others have called them out saying that the spam is against Louis's wishes.

    If Louis doesn't want to see "Larry" comments on his Instagram.Respect that! Don't keep harassing him! It's disgusting. #Respectlouis

    But, tbh, it seems that this saga will NEVER DIE.