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People Are Mad At Kim Kardashian For Posting Bikini Pics As Khloé Deals With Cheating Allegations

"Check on your sister!"

By now, you'll almost certainly be aware that Khloé Kardashian's boyfriend Tristan Thompson has been accused of cheating on her.

The internet has been awash with all the opinions. From people offering support to Khloé.

So sad for Khloe rn. I mean all she wanted was to be finally happy. Was that too much to ask? 😭

So heartbroken for poor Khloe Kardashian

To others suggesting the accusations are "karma" for the fact that Khloé and Tristan got together while his ex-girlfriend was pregnant.

No sympathy for Khloe that Tristan was caught with another woman. How you get em, is how you lose em.

His ex-girlfriend has spoken out in support of Khloé, just FYI.

However, in true Kardashian krisis management fashion, none of the family have spoken out about the claims.

The Ellen Show

That could also be because Khloé is due to go into labour any day now, and so may be slightly preoccupied.

But one family member has been active on social media since the allegations broke – queen of Instagram herself, Kim Kardashian.


Over the past few hours, Kim has shared several posts on Instagram from her exotic vacation. Firstly, this snap of herself with Kourtney and their friend with the caption: "Ride or die."

And then this one of her feet, alongside the caption: "Far far away."

However, it didn't take long before people began calling Kim out for posting vacation pics amid all of the allegations surrounding her sister's relationship.

Many people urged Kim to leave her vacation and head back to Khloé.

Others called the photoshoot "insensitive."

However, Kim did go on to share this photo of her and Kourtney alongside the caption: "Okuuuuurrrr," which is quite clearly a reference to Khloé.

It has become her catchphrase over the most recent seasons of KUWTK, after all.


And let's face it, given how close the sisters are, it's highly likely that they've been in constant contact with Khloe even though they're not physically with her. So perhaps we should all calm down?


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