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    People Are Gutted That Pete From "TOWIE" May Have Texted His Ex Behind Megan's Back

    If this is true, then real love is dead.

    It's no secret that Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks were the best part of the last season of TOWIE.


    Not only was he the most adoring boyfriend, but they even proclaimed their love for each other on the season finale.


    And, yes, I cried actual tears. NBD.

    The pair are currently in Marbella filming the new season of TOWIE. During their time out there, Megan celebrated her birthday, and Pete treated her.

    Happy birthday to my best friend, girlfriend and the bird that makes me a better geezer...@Megan_Mckenna_

    To a goddamn Rolex.

    So, it's safe to say that it seemed the pair were happier than ever.

    We are a misunderstood couple but I can't put in to words how lucky I am to have a bird that stands by me like she does...@Megan_Mckenna_ ❤️

    Well, today, some pretty brutal claims have come out from Pete's ex-girlfriend, Jacqui Ryland. She's saying that Pete has been sending flirtatious messages to her since August.

    Now, it should be stressed that at this stage, neither Pete or Megan have commented directly on the claims – and so they could still be entirely false.

    However, Megan has messaged Jacqui calling her "fame hungry," but also kinda suggesting that the messages did happen. 😐

    That official TOWIE Twitter account has also posted this image of the pair apparently confronting the rumours.

    JUST IN from the #TOWIMGrass: It looks like Megan's confronting Pete about *those* rumours that emerged this mornin…

    And now the full pictures have been released – and things really don't look good for the pair.

    Vianney Le Caer /REX/Shutterstock


    Vianney Le Caer / Vianney Le Caer/REX/Shutterstock

    After hearing the news and seeing the photos, people have lost their shit.

    s2g if Pete has cheated on Megan I will be so gutted #towie #petewicks #meganmckenna

    I'd be devastated if the Pete cheating rumours are true...Megan is like an 11/10 how could you cheat on her??????

    My heart is genuinely broken about Pete wicks and Megan McKenna this morning :((((

    Everyone is still hoping the rumours aren't true.

    Fuck I was hoping the Pete and Megan story wasn't true😟

    Because they were goals, tbh.

    Megan McKenna and Pete wicks was absolute goals . and now she found he was STILL texting other bitches whilst on holiday with her 😨😨😫🔫🔫🔫🔫

    And we have all become emotionally attached to them.

    I feel emotionally invested into Megan's and Pete's relationship, so this news has broke me

    And I really thought Megan and Pete were the ultimate power couple....

    And Pete was supposed to be different, goddamnit.

    noooo I thought Pete was different. Megan babe ❤️

    cannot believe Pete cheated on Megan always thought he was the decent guy from TOWIE ☹️

    And if the rumours are true, then tbh, love is dead.

    Fuck sake if Pete Wicks has been snaking Megan McKenna then what chance do i have😭😭😒

    If Pete Wicks can cheat on Megan McKenna then I trust no one

    Let's hope that whatever's happened, they're both OK – and that they work it out.