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People Are Angry That Kim Kardashian Photoshopped Her Nude Shoot

But, let's face it, she looks incredible in the before shots too.

You may remember this photo shoot from Kim Kardashian, in which she covered herself in paint and posed nude in a desert. It appeared in an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians a few months ago.


Kim planned the shoot in part because she was hoping to get pregnant and wanted to capture the image of her body beforehand, and also because she wanted content for her soon-to-be-launched website.

Well, she's now posted the photo shoot on her website, and clearly she looks amazing.

Obviously the images have been retouched, but people are losing their damn minds over this particular shot.

Especially when compared with the unretouched image from KUWTK.

Kim Kardashian West


Next time you hear someone tell you how beautiful @KimKardashian is, show them this. Photoshop much?

LOL @ all the photoshop tho RT @KimKardashian 📷 @keslertran pics on my app tomorrow #FinallyReleasingThisDesertShoot

Who retouched? Too much burning around her hair

I understand when @KimKardashian do photoshop for publications, but why photoshopping your personal photoshoot?

referring to my earlier tweet, not saying @KimKardashian isn't beautiful BC she's curvy, but she's a just a fucking fake.

I wish I could have made as much money from photoshop as @KimKardashian has.

Where can I get my hands on the photoshop kim kardashian uses???

@KimKardashian @keslertran @MakeupByMario @MrChrisMcMillan why cant you just leave them untouched? Its like your whole life is Photoshop

But, let's remember, even without Photoshop, she still looks like THIS.


*fans self*

Funniest thing, without photoshop she stills look good. @KimKardashian

And she'll probably continue slaying regardless. 💁

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