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    19 One Direction Fan Banners You Won't Believe Exist

    Spit on me Niall!

    1. Things generally start pretty innocently.

    2. (But PIZZA though?)

    3. Sometimes there are attempts at emotional blackmail.

    4. And obviously references to that controversial video.

    5. Geddit? HIGH. Lol.

    6. Then there's the request to be hit with Harry's "GOLF" balls. Wink.

    7. Sometimes passive aggression is the only way to go.

    8. And then things start to get a bit weird.

    9. Like, really weird.

    10. ...

    11. Sometimes mildly threatening.

    12. Relationships are imagined.

    13. As are the boys in dresses.

    14. There's always a couple of sexual innuendoes.

    15. Others just get straight to the point.

    16. Sometimes there's talk of actual erections.

    17. Occasionally, even specific erections.

    18. But whatever you think of Directioners, at least they're committed.

    19. If a little blunt.