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    28 Things You'll Only Know If You're Kim Kardashian

    "Stretch marks are my biggest fear of life."

    1. That life can generally be pretty hectic.

    2. Especially when your nails need doing.

    3. And your sex life is just exhausting you.

    4. That stretch marks are to be truly feared.

    5. And emotional situations should only be dealt with at the end of the day.

    6. That your family will never fail to miss an opportunity to make a joke at your expense.

    7. Especially when it comes to past relationships.

    8. Like, even your own mother will join in.

    9. But sometimes you do need bringing back down to earth.

    10. No matter what the situation.

    11. That trying out beauty treatments to make you look youthful is a must, even if it does involve injecting your face with your own blood.

    12. And there's nothing better than a subtle spray tan.

    13. Except maybe online shopping.

    14. That sometimes you'll have to resort to physical violence.

    15. Because family members sometimes can't hide their jealousy.

    16. And may even throw your designer clothes off a balcony during an argument.

    17. That your mother will cheer you on from the sidelines.

    18. And will be at the end of the phone when it all goes wrong.

    19. She'll even interrupt prayer to talk to you.

    20. But she can't fix all your mistakes.

    21. That sometimes you'll have to accept unglamorous modes of transport.

    22. But you will never compromise fashion.

    23. That family vacations are best spent taking 1500 selfies.

    24. And sometimes you'll have to stop an activity mid-flow to take a photo.

    25. But Instagramming photos of food is a huge no-no.

    26. That it's important to have a strong life motto.

    27. And try to keep things in perspective.

    28. But, finally, that nothing is more important than a good selfie.