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    The 19 Most Mesmerising Celebrity Dimples Of All Time

    Are you physically ready to take the levels of dimpled perfection here?

    1. Sam Claflin.

    The simultaneous wink and dimple-flashing is doing weird things to us.

    2. Josh Holloway.

    Oh we'll just admire you as you smile coyly with your dimples.

    3. Kellan Lutz.

    Hey Kellan Lutz. Hey Kellan Lutz's dimples.

    4. Harry Styles.

    So beautiful and angelic.

    5. Matthew McConaughey.

    Just when you thought a human couldn't get any more perfect, he goes and puts on a shirt and tie, smiles AND shows off his dimples.

    6. Bradley Cooper.

    Yeah, the dimples nestled between that perfect facial hair is almost too much to handle.

    7. David Gandy.

    Can we please stroke your face?

    8. Matt Smith.

    That goes for you too, Matt.

    9. Adam Levine.

    The only thing better than that lip-biting are those dimples.

    10. Peter Andre.

    BuzzFeed / ITV

    Dear Peter Andre's dimples, please marry us.

    11. Kendall Schmidt.

    Nothing to see here, just a pair of PERFECT DIMPLES and a BABY PIG.

    12. Orlando Bloom.

    So much dimpled perfection.

    13. Robert Kazinsky.

    Laugh, laugh until your heart is content. Just keep showing us those dimples.

    14. Dan Feurriegel.

    That skin, that beard, those eyes, those lips, that dimple. Is this real life?

    15. Jamie Dornan.

    Dear Peter Andre's dimples, we are divorcing because, Jamie Dornan's dimples.

    16. Chace Crawford.

    17. Brad Pitt.

    The dimples perfectly off-set the rugged look and that is a fact.

    18. Eddie Cibrian.

    BuzzFeed / ABC

    His dimples and torso are proof that God really does exist.

    Thankyou, God.

    19. Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

    Aaaaaand we're dead.

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