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    Now Kylie Jenner Has Been Accused Of Photoshopping Her Latest Instagram Photo

    But what's the truth?

    Many celebrities have been accused of doctoring their Instagram photos in recent months.

    And now Kylie Jenner has found herself at the centre of a complete Twitter meltdown after she posted two versions of the same photo yesterday.

    The first photo she posted was this, showing her posing in her bikini which she captioned: "Tan twime".

    However, Kylie removed the picture within minutes, and then uploaded this second photo.

    The difference between the two is clear.

    In the original photo, there's a fuzzy outline around Kylie's body which fans immediately suggested was the result of Photoshop or a photo editing app.

    Fans were also quick to say that Kylie deleting the first image so quickly suggested she'd uploaded it by accident, and had only meant to post the second edited version.

    It wasn't long before Twitter was awash with opinions on the photos. Some people were adamant that the first photo was proof that Kylie had deliberately edited the images.

    Some commenters had the opposite opinion and were adamant that the images hadn't been deliberately edited, but Kylie had just used a fuzzy filter on the first photo.

    It wasn't long before Kylie herself took to Twitter to deny that she'd photoshopped the images.

    Well, that's cleared that up then. We think you always look gorgeous, Kylie.