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    North West Has Made Her Modelling Debut With An Actual Chanel Handbag So Basically Wins At Life

    So much more stylish than we can ever hope to be.

    So North West has made her modelling debut aged just 13 MONTHS.

    There are a few things to take in here. First of all, North totally nailing the IDGAF staring-off-into-the-distance pose.

    Michael Avedon, CR Fashion Book Issue 5

    Kim Kardashian recently revealed that North apparently gets her pose on every time she sees a camera. Speaking on Watch What Happens Live, Kim said: "When she’s aware there’s a camera she does this pose face – like this serious, like, duck lips and stare, it’s so cute."

    Secondly, North has an actual CHANEL HANDBAG.

    Michael Avedon / CR Fashion Book Issue 5

    "Oh hai, I'm North, I'm 1 and here is my £2,000 bag".

    Oh, and the brooch is also Chanel.

    Take this as your reminder that as much as you think you have your shit together, you will never be North West.

    North West, who totally rocks double denim and slicked-over hair.

    North West, who had a Coachella-themed first-birthday party, complete with a flower crown.

    North West, who counts Anna Wintour as one of her pals.

    North West, who has a sheer Fendi crop-top.

    Because, obviously.

    North West, who rocks hairbands better than anyone.

    North West, who's actually already appeared in Vogue so wins all the rounds.

    Basically, North West for Queen.

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