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North West Threw A Tantrum At Kanye's Fashion Show And Anna Wintour's Face Was Priceless

Beyoncé and Jay Z weren't impressed either.

North West is used to being on the front row of, like, every fashion show that's worth going to.

French Select / Getty Images Bertrand Rindoff Petroff

But as much as she loves fashion, she is pretty busy and important and doesn't really have the time for this bullshit on a regular basis. It just gets a bit tiresome.

Getty Images for adidas Dimitrios Kambouris

So, as she sat waiting for Kanye West's Adidas show to begin yesterday at New York Fashion Week, North, who was sitting between Anna Wintour and Beyoncé, decided to let her feelings be known.

REUTERS © Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Everyone was really pleased about it.

REUTERS © Lucas Jackson / Reuters

No one seemed to understand the importance of her other plans, so she had to ramp it up a notch.

REUTERS © Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Anna Wintour definitely wasn't wishing she was stuck in her office trying to compose her editor's letter with a bad case of writers' block.

Reuters / Lucas Jackson

Beyoncé definitely wasn't feeling smug that Blue Ivy has never had a tantrum in public.

Reuters / Carlos Jackson

And Jay Z definitely wasn't looking for the nearest fire exit.

Reuters / Lucas Jackson

Kris Jenner later said on Instagram that North was taken backstage for "a snack" at this point, although I'm pretty sure that's not what North was after.

REUTERS © Lucas Jackson / Reuters

She definitely wanted a credit card and a new fur coat. Duh.

And then had to face the humiliating ordeal of having her nose blown by her mother.

REUTERS © Lucas Jackson / Reuters

I mean, it's like Kim doesn't even know who she's dealing with.