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25 Times Nicki Minaj Perfectly Shut Down Every Damn Person

"I'm going to be artificially inseminated so I don't have to have sex with anyone."

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1. When she shut down this sexist question about penises.

2. When she spoke about the need for all female body types to be represented in the media.


7. When she put into words the thought that every woman who has ever dealt with a fuckboy has had at one point.


10. And called out men for giving each other praise but overlooking women.

12. And when she perfectly summed up the sexism behind the labels "boss" and "bitch".


13. When she told the world it's a sign of strength when women know what they want.

14. And when she said that nothing should limit women.

15. When she couldn't resist the opportunity for this perfect innuendo.


17. When she gave the best damn motivational speech EVER.


23. Before telling us to never allow other people's opinions of us to define who we are.

24. When she reminded us that sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to realise just how strong you are.

25. And, finally, when she had these words of empowerment for people everywhere.