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31 Times Khloé Shut Down The Other Kardashians

"You're scared Kim won't be able to use her big fat ass to get you 10%."

1. When she had this response to Kris asking why Kylie is on birth control.

2. When Kim announced that she and Kanye were going to be on the cover of Vogue, but Khloé used the opportunity to remind everyone of previous magazine covers.

3. And she had no fucks to give when the magazine came out either.

4. When she delivered this burn to Kris.

5. When she answered the phone to Rob like this.

6. When Kris was freaking out over discovering Kim has psoriasis, and Khloé spoke this truth.

7. Which didn't go down too well.

8. But then she was also the only one to speak the truth about this situation.

9. When she offered her opinions on breastfeeding to Kourtney.

10. When she pretty much summed up Kim and Jonathan Cheban's friendship.

11. And when she had this to say to Kris asking, "Have you ever used a condom?"

12. When she told Kris to take an STD test.

13. And when Kim stuck up for Kris and said everyone should be nicer to her, but Khloé had no time for that.

14. When she couldn't face the memory of Kim's brief pop career.

15. When she and Kourtney nicknamed Kim "Nancy", and Khloé gave this description of her.

16. When she didn't even need to use words.

17. Especially when she walked in on this family gathering.

18. When she delivered this low-key shade to Kim.

19. As well as this.

20. When she expertly made Kim's burn a compliment.

21. When she decided to fill in the blanks of Kris's story.

22. When she found extra large condoms in Rob's drawer and was like, "Lol, OK."

23. When Kris attempted to be modest and she put her right back in her place.

24. When she had no time for people criticising her selfie pose.

25. When Kim hurt her eye with hand sanitiser, but Khloé was more interested in sexual innuendos.

26. And when she couldn't miss the opportunity for this one, either.

27. When she couldn't cope with Kris's time-keeping.

28. When she made this clarification for Kourtney.

29. When she had no time for Kim's first-world problems.

30. When she really just couldn't even with Kim's attempts to start a conversation.

31. And, finally, when she brought up those adoption and paternity rumours once again, in spectacular fashion.