The 33 Most Painfully Awkward Celebrity And Fan Encounters Of All Time

    Too many fails.

    1. When Peter Andre's face was violated.

    2. When this facial expression happened.

    3. When Jon Stewart wasn't feeling the peace signs.

    4. When these children met their idol.

    5. When Tom Hanks questioned his life choices.

    6. This heartwarming moment between Hugh Grant and a shop assistant.

    7. This beautiful display of idol and fan closeness.

    8. And this one too.

    9. This girl's emotional blackmail.

    10. Whatever's going on here.

    11. When James Blunt became the fan and caressed Hulk Hogan's forearm.

    12. When Kanye West was like, 'CBA'.

    13. When Kanye West was like, 'REALLY CBA'.

    14. When Lady Gaga's hand said, 'Roar,' but her face said, 'Meh'.

    15. When Justin Bieber did this.

    16. And this.

    17. And also this.

    18. But mostly this.

    19. And then The Wanted were like, 'Hey, we could do that too'.

    20. When Will Smith slapped this guy in the face.

    21. When Nicolas Cage failed to anticipate the double flash.

    22. When the WAXWORK version of Niall Horan at Madame Tussauds was just too much to handle.

    23. When Russell Brand misread the signals.

    24. When Miguel failed at life.

    25. When this girl met JLS and totally played it cool.

    26. When Luke Wilson got distracted.

    27. When Tyra Banks wondered where the panic button was.

    28. When this guy lost control of his facial muscles.

    29. This casual display of fan-nonchalance...

    30. ...And the opposite.

    31. When Olly Murs was presented with this opportunity.

    32. When Calum Best was mobbed by female admirers at his perfume signing.

    33. And finally, when Robin Thicke forgot there was a mirror behind him.