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The 29 Most Outrageously Extravagant Celebrity Instagram Posts Of All Time

Splash the cash. Or throw it over family members.

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1. Ten-month-old North West already has her first Lamborghini.

2. And her cousin has her very own $345 mini Balenciaga handbag.

3. Scott Disick uses his wad of $100 bills as a phone, to call his peasant followers.

4. He also uses it as toilet paper.

5. And he faces the agonising decision of which watch to wear every day.

6. In fact, he has so much money, he likes to throw it over family members.

7. Rihanna has so much money, she likes to stand on it.

8. And throw it around at strip clubs.

9. 50 Cent has so much money he can't even fold it.

10. Miley Cyrus shoves her money down her shorts.

11. Chris Brown may take photos of all his cash, but he doesn't spend it on himself.

12. (Apart from when he's buying Rolex watches.)

13. (And sports cars.)

14. 50 Cent is the owner of this household staple.

15. And a diamond chain that hurts his neck.

16. Millie Mackintosh never leaves the house without her fur accessories and Valentino shoes.

17. Even when she's going for a casual diamond facial.

18. Just a pair of rose gold headphones. Nothing to see here.

19. Kim Kardashian's got a shoe collection for every home.

20. And these are Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's essentials.

21. Professor Green only travels first class these days.

22. As do Lewis Hamilton's dogs.

23. Kris Jenner's fridge looks like this.

24. And Sam Faiers only buys shoes from Selfridges.

25. P Diddy is a fan of spontaneous car shopping.

26. While normal-sized spliffs just don't cut it for Rihanna.

27. And if it's not gold-plated, Kim Kardashian isn't interested.

28. Craig David is having the last laugh.

29. And finally, 50 Cent has a $65,000 diamond-encrusted cat head. Obvs.