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    29 Times Chrissy Teigen Was Just Fucking Great

    What did we do to deserve her?

    1. When she got so drunk she ended up lying on the floor before having John remove her jewellery.

    2. When she told us all about her awkward anniversary dinner.

    My favorite part about my anniversary dinner was the girl who came to our table who john used to bone and also the sea bass

    3. And when she had this response after John told her he'd never heard of a Tamagotchi.

    4. When she shared her fake tan fail.

    5. And warned everyone of potential cooking pitfalls.

    6. When she and John were asked where the best public place they'd had sex was.

    And she gave this answer.

    Before walking off.

    7. When she was all of us trying to ~eat healthily.~

    And came up with the perfect caption, too.

    8. As well as when she gave zero fucks about showing us her stretchmarks.

    9. When she wondered where her Grammy nomination was.

    2 grammy noms for @johnlegend no one has congratulated me for being the inspiration behind "all of me" without me there is no all of me

    10. And had some fun with the trolls in the process.

    11. In fact, every time her trolling knew no bounds.

    12. Like when she posted this during the prayer in the Trump's inauguration ceremony.

    no one told me i would be coming home in diapers too

    13. And delivered this perfect comeback.

    14. When she stained her fingers after eating too much Fun Dip.

    I ate fun dip with my fingers last night and I'm stained and Grammys are tomorrow. I've tried everything please help

    15. When she revealed that since moving into Rihanna's former home, she sometimes reads her mail.

    Before coming up with this plan to return the bill to Rihanna.

    16. When she could only bring herself to be nice about John for 0.5 seconds.

    17. And when she revealed this fool-proof plan.

    I always have a note in my pocket that says "john did it" just in case I'm murdered because I don't want him to remarry #truelove #tips

    18. As well as when she congratulated him like this.

    19. When she straight-up sent someone a blender.

    20. But knew her limits.

    21. When she turned up late to walk the red carpet.

    22. And when she just sat down on it.

    23. And who can forget when she fell asleep at the Oscars.

    24. When she made this revelation.

    Every time someone asks john for a selfie and says "I never do this" I think back to the night we met when I said it but not about selfies

    25. When she got very, very real about giving birth.

    no one told me i would be coming home in diapers too

    26. When she was bursting out of her clothes and didn't care who knew it.

    27. When she sent Kim Kardashian flowers after the death of her Blackberry.

    28. When John's Twitter got hacked and she found it hilarious.

    29. And, finally, when she changed her Twitter bio to this.