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    The 27 Most '00s Photos Of Celebrities In Existence

    The fashion, the dance moves, no celebrity is safe.

    1. Peter Andre (pre-nose job) striking a badass pose while showing off his slightly greasy hair extensions.

    Also, this.

    2. Denise Van Outen wearing a flower garland while caressing Gareth Gates.

    3. Claire from Steps inexplicably donning a cowboy hat for a red carpet appearance.

    4. Katie Price being really conservative, doing stuff like this.

    5. And this.

    6. And this.

    7. Tina from S Club 7 rocking up to a film premiere swathed in a moth-eaten table-cloth.

    8. Justin Timberlake waking up one morning and thinking, 'Hey, you know what would be a good look for me? CORN-ROWS'.

    9. Britney Spears rocking pig-tails, a crop top, platform trainers, bunches and a headset microphone to mime into.

    10. Jessica from Liberty X styling up one of those asymmetrical handkerchief-shaped tops from Tammy.

    11. Kelly from Liberty X pulling off that tricky mesh vest and neon bra look.

    12. This whole phase in Christina Aguilera's career.

    13. Scott from 5ive experimenting with hair gel and facial piercings.

    14. Charlotte Church being crowned Celebrity Rear of the Year 2002.

    15. Cheryl (then) Tweedy choosing to accessorize her cropped T shirt with a tie.

    16. Jennifer Lopez scoring a double 00's fashion win with a velour tracksuit and a flat cap.

    17. Craig David pulling a really cool pose while wearing a beanie and a medallion.

    18. Also, Craig David in a bandana.

    19. Chris Evans grabbing Billie Piper's arse on the red carpet.

    20. Basically everything the Spice Girls are doing here.

    21. Miley Cyrus reminding us of how she looked before she discovered twerking and the power of her own tongue.

    22. B*Witched on their campaign to convince everyone that double denim was a good idea.


    24. Simon Cowell being all 'Mr Nasty,' and wearing something other than jeans and a grey pyjama top.

    25. David Beckham with a number one haircut, kissing a baby Brooklyn Beckham.

    26. Cleopatra (comin' atcha) in shiny blue puffa jackets.

    27. And finally, Frankie and Rochelle from The Saturdays in their former, slightly less cool, popstar lives.