Proof That Miranda Kerr Always Looks Devastatingly Perfect

    We've reached human perfection here, people.

    1. Here's Miranda Kerr looking devastatingly perfect. In case you weren't aware, she's like this ALL. THE. TIME.

    2. Here she is close up, so you can admire her eyebrows, eyes, eyelashes, nose, cheekbones, dimples, lips, teeth and chin. It's a lot to take in. Have a moment to marvel.

    3. Just look how perfect she looks here, with her hair perfectly falling to the side and her hand perfectly on her perfect hip.

    4. This woman knows.

    5. See how she makes everyone else around her look painfully average?

    6. She can't help it. She's just naturally like this.

    7. There was this one time when she wore thigh-high boots and everyone wondered how it was possible for a human to look this good.

    8. Then there was this time where she totally rocked double denim in a way that literally no one else could. NO ONE.

    9. Another time she was devastatingly perfect was when she wore sunglasses and waved like this.

    10. And when she wore this cape and it was everything.

    11. But then she wore this dress and we wondered whether Miranda was put on this earth purely for girl-crushing purposes.

    12. Then there was the time when she nonchalantly threw her coat over her shoulders and wore a leather skirt because she could. Because she's Miranda Kerr.

    13. And when she posed like this. Because she could. Because she's Miranda Kerr.

    14. Then there was this time when she looked like an actual walking goddess on earth.

    15. And then it dawned on us. We have witnessed actual human perfection.

    16. And we are so very grateful.

    17. Oh FFS.

    18. Everyone can just stop with the LBDs now because Miranda has won that round.

    19. No, honestly.

    20. In fact, everyone can just stop everything because Miranda has won at life.

    21. And in case you weren't convinced, this'll do it.

    22. Congratulations on your perfection, Miranda. We will be forever in awe.