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58 Mindblowing Facts About A Pre-Fame Kim Kardashian

Did you know she eloped to Las Vegas when she was 19?

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1. Before she found fame on her own reality show, Kim used her connection to stepbrother Brody Jenner to get on to The Hills – one of the most-watched shows on TV at the time.

2. She actually featured in several scenes, including Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s housewarming party in Season 2. She also shot scenes in which she organised Heidi’s closet. However, the scenes were all cut and Kim never appeared on the show.

3. Spencer claims that Kris Jenner once asked him to manage Kim prior to the Kardashians being given their own show. He said he laughed in her face and turned down the offer – something he regrets now.


4. The connection between the Kardashians and O.J. Simpson is well-known, but Simpson's trial for murder completely divided the family when Robert Kardashian joined his defense team.

5. Kourtney and Kim took Robert's side because they believed their dad to be the “smartest guy in the world".

6. Kris and Caitlyn Jenner, on the other hand, believed immediately that Simpson was guilty.

7. One of the claims stacked against Robert Kardashian was that he'd deliberately removed a garment bag "bulging" with evidence from Simpson's property.

8. It's been suggested that evidence had been tampered with after it was handed over to the police, empty.

9. However, Kim recently revealed that she actually found and went through the bag at her father's home at the time of the trial. She says she found "toiletries, clothes and golf clothes".

10. When the verdict was delivered, Kourtney and Kim delighted in telling Caitlyn, "We told you he didn't do it!" Caitlyn says she sat them down and told them that a not guilty verdict didn’t guarantee someone’s innocence, and that she didn’t want to ever hear Simpson’s name spoken in their house again.

11. To this day, Kim refuses to comment on the verdict of the trial and whether or not she believes Simpson was guilty.

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12. In a weird coincidence, on the same day, 13 September 2007, that O.J. Simpson carried out an armed robbery in Las Vegas leading to a 33-year prison sentence, Kim made her televisual debut. She was appearing on The Tyra Show to promote Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

13. In fact, Simpson caught some of the interview hours before the robbery occurred. He apparently laughed at the notion that Robert Kardashian had been an "instrumental member" of his defence team, and said he didn’t see KUWTK lasting “more than 2 weeks".

14. And in another weird Kardashian/Simpson coincidence, Kanye West, Kim’s eventual husband and father of her children, referenced Simpson in his song “Stronger, with the lyric: “You know how long I’ve been on ya / Since O.J. had Isotoners.” The song was recorded three years before he'd even met Kim.

Def Jam Recordings

15. You’re probably very much aware of Kim’s two incredibly public marriages, firstly to Kris Humphries and now to Kanye West. However, she’s actually been married three times.

16. Kim married music producer Damon Thomas – 10 years her senior – in 2000, when she was just 19. The pair didn’t even tell anyone that they were dating, let alone getting married, and eloped to Las Vegas to marry in secret.

17. Kim kept it from her family for months, which devastated them. In fact, Robert Kardashian refused to speak to her for weeks.

18. Eventually the family made up, and the marriage lasted three years before Thomas filed for divorce in 2003. The divorce papers included first-person testimony from Kim in which she alleged he’d been physically and emotionally abusive.

19. She claimed he had forced her to quit her job, turned her against her family and friends, hit her and thrown her across the room, and once tried to choke her. Thomas denied Kim’s claims.

20. The marriage was officially dissolved in February 2004, and he was ordered to give Kim a one-off payment of $56,000.

22. Kim speaks about this relationship so rarely that even Kris Humphries was for a long time unaware she’d been married before. In fact, Kris was just weeks away from proposing to her when Kim casually mentioned her first marriage, leaving him shocked and disappointed that he wouldn’t be her first husband.


23. Kim’s first boyfriend was Michael Jackson’s nephew T.J. Jackson. Kim was 12 when the pair got together, and their relationship lasted for almost three years.

24. In fact, Kim’s 14th birthday party was held at Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch. Years later she revealed that the party involved “baby elephants and chimpanzees in overalls”.

25. Following the uproar surrounding Kim’s confession that Kris Jenner put her on birth control at the age of 14, she’s made little comment about her relationship with T.J.

26. However, it was referenced on the latest season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians when Kim revealed that she kept numerous mementos from her time with T.J. in an “ex box".

27. Among these mementos were prom photos, two petals from the flowers T.J. gave her to mark their one-month anniversary, a fake chicken foot that was used in a Michael Jackson video, chocolate from Neverland, a confidentiality agreement from Michael Jackson, and the box her chicken nuggets were served in on their first date.

28. At the time of her relationship with T.J., her father told her she might receive “comments” or “abuse” about the fact she was in an interracial relationship.

29. Her father also wrote her a letter in which he told her her body would “lead to attention from men” but that she should “understand her self-worth".


30. Shortly after Nick Lachey’s highly publicised divorce from Jessica Simpson in 2006, he went on a date with a then-unknown Kim.

31. Nick, who was at the height of his fame at the time, would later claim that Kim called the paparazzi so they’d be photographed together. He said: “Let’s just say this: We went to a movie. No one followed us there. Somehow, mysteriously, when we left there were 30 photographers waiting outside. There are certain ways to play this game, and some people play it well.”

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32. It’s been reported innumerable times over the years that Kim began her career as Paris Hilton’s assistant. This is untrue.

33. Oh, and all of those screengrabs you’ve seen purporting to be from The Simple Life where Paris is ordering Kim to clean her closet are all completely fake.

34. While Kim did spend a lot of time with Paris, her occupation was as a “personal closet organiser".

35. She basically went to the homes of the rich and famous, cleaned out their closets, and then sold any items they didn’t want on eBay.

36. In a great bit of foreshadowing, in Kim's first ever on-camera interview a year before she found fame she revealed she'd love to "have her own show" focusing on "her life and closet business".

37. She went on to reveal some of her famous clients. They included Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Cindy Crawford, Serena Williams, Rob Lowe, and Brandy.

38. It was through her friendship with Brandy that Kim met Brandy's brother Ray J, with whom she went on to star in a now-infamous sex tape.

E! / Via

39. Kim was probed about the existence of the sex tape during her first print interview, with Complex in 2007.

40. She emphatically denied the claims, saying: “There is no sex tape! Ray J’s not the kind of guy who would do something for revenge. There is no amount of money that could ever convince me to release any tape, even if I had one. I don’t need the money!"

41. Just months after the magazine hit the newsstands, the sex tape was leaked.

42. Complex contacted her shortly after the leak to find out "why she'd lied" in the interview. Kim explained that while she knew she'd made several tapes during the three-year relationship, she was simply hoping that they'd "never come out".

43. She also said that the interest in the tape only started when Ray J made a “joke” comment about it on her Myspace page. She says after that, people began “looking” for it.

44. There have been many – completely unfounded – rumours over the years that Kim and Kris Jenner were behind the the leak. It’s something Kris recently addressed, calling the suggestion “offensive".

45. She said: “It’s one of the most horrific things that we, as a family, went through. Of course it’s nonsense and it’s offensive [that she and Kim leaked the tape] Haters are gonna hate. And people are going to come up with the most ridiculous things.”

46. Kim said in 2007 that she did actually find out who leaked the tape, but that “major confidentiality” laws prohibited her from revealing the details.

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47. Kim was incredibly close to her father, who died when she was 21.

48. In fact, it was no secret that she was his favourite child. Kris Jenner once revealed that despite knowing he "shouldn't say it out loud", Robert Kardashian used to say: "I'm thankful for all my girls, but especially Kimberly."

49. It may have had something to do with the fact that Kim was very sensible growing up and, unlike Kourtney and Khloé, didn’t cause her parents much trouble.

50. In fact, Robert even taught Kim to drive when she was 14 so that she could chaperone a drunk Kourtney to and from parties. To this day, Kim is pretty much teetotal.

51. Since Robert's death, Kim has tried to contact him through mediums. She also believes that Robert tried to warn her of the armed robbery she endured in Paris in late 2016.

52. Apparently, at 11am on the day of the robbery the alarm on Kim's Blackberry went off, despite her never having set an alarm in the decade she'd owned the phone.

53. The day of the robbery was also the anniversary of Robert Kardashian’s funeral. “We all believe that when we lose somebody really close to us, that they still have a way of communicating if you really pay attention,” Kris said of the incident on KUWTK.

54. Kim's butt is almost as famous as she is. And that might be because our first introduction to Kim on KUWTK was in reference to it. In fact, the very first line spoken in the very first scene of the pilot episode is Kris Jenner berating Kim for overeating before a photoshoot.

55. “I think she has a little junk in the trunk,” Kris said as the camera zoomed in on Kim's behind.


56. Kim was the first Kardashian/Jenner child to find out about Caitlyn Jenner’s gender dysphoria. She actually caught Caitlyn dressed in women’s clothing when she was 21 – a full 12 years before Caitlyn came out as transgender. Although the pair didn’t discuss the incident at the time, Caitlyn later told Kim about her gender dysphoria in 2013, a full two years before any of her other kids.

57. Caitlyn says her reason for choosing to tell Kim first is because she’s the “most empathetic and easiest to talk to".

58. And, finally, it seems as though Kim always knew she was going to be famous one day. In a video of her, recorded when she was 13, Kim can be seen telling the camera: "Does everyone get a tape of this? I hope you do so you can see me when I'm famous and remember me as this beautiful little girl!"


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