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    This Is What It's Like At A Miley Cyrus Meet And Greet

    Most extreme meet and greet of all time?

    Miley Cyrus is pretty into herself at the moment.

    Simone Joyner / Getty

    Like, really.

    Christopher Polk

    So it's hardly surprising that she's now allowing fans to have a good old grope as well. In images from what looks like the most intense meet and greet of all time, Miley got very friendly with one admirer.

    Splash News

    Apparently this fan, David from New York asked Miley to be his “first and last kiss with a girl”. Miley then responded that she would be his “first and last kiss with a boy”. LOL.

    They then just stuck their tongues out at each other for a bit.

    In another photo, David can be seen grabbing Miley's boobs while she pulls a shocked expression.

    Splash News

    However, all this groping does come at a cost – £530 or $995 to be exact.

    So there we have it.

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