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    Ashton Kutcher's Super Thoughtful Valentine's Gift For Mila Kunis Turned Out To Be A Complete Fail

    "It's the thought that counts."

    It's pretty clear to anyone with eyes that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are ridiculously in love.

    So, when Valentine's Day rolled around, Ashton made sure he marked the occasion with a meaningful gift.

    However, during an appearance on The Ellen Show, Mila revealed that the gift went hilariously wrong.

    Mila prefaced the story by saying that she "loves [Ashton] so, so, so, so much," and that it's "the thought that counts."

    She went on to explain that Ashton gifted her with two Lovebirds, and the reason why was stupidly cute.

    But when they took their new pets to a bird specialist to get them checked over, it turned out that they weren't Lovebirds after all.

    When Ellen informed Mila that Budgies "cost, like, ten dollars," and asked her whether Ashton had deliberately chosen a cheaper option, Mila responded by saying that he'd actually been misled by the pet store.

    To see where Ashton could possibly have gone wrong, I took it upon myself to look up both breeds. Here are a pair of Lovebirds.

    And here are two Budgies.

    So, to be fair to Ashton, they're not wildly dissimilar. And, as Mila said: "It was a beautiful thought."

    You can watch the full video here.

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