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This Celeb Is Being Dragged For Body-Shaming Her Co-Star

Tiffany Watson branded her Made in Chelsea co-star Mimi Bouchard a "dumpling" and people are angry.

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This is Tiffany Watson and Sam Thompson, stars of Made in Chelsea and former couple.

The pair have been dating on and off for two years. After months of arguments, they decided to take a summer break from their relationship, then reconvene to

decide whether or not to move forward together.

The rules of the summer break were pretty simple: Sam and Tiffany would now be single and free to hook up with whoever they liked, but mutual friends were off limits.

This also included any Made in Chelsea co-stars within their mutual circle.

A couple of weeks after announcing their break, Sam headed to Ibiza to film the summer season of Made in Chelsea, while Tiffany went travelling with friends.

Shortly after arriving in Ibiza, Sam slept with and then began dating another co-star, Mimi Bouchard.

Now, Mimi only joined the show in the last season but caused a lot of drama after breaking up another couple – Olivia and Fred – by repeatedly hitting on Fred. As a result, she made enemies of the entire female cast.


That's Olivia on the left confronting Mimi over her hitting on Fred.

So when Tiffany showed up in Ibiza to surprise her friends on Monday night's episode, Olivia and Frankie had to break the news of Sam and Mimi's hookup.


Which led to Tiffany uttering this line.


People promptly lost their shit.

When tiff called mimi a dumpling. #MadeInChelsea #micibiza

Some thought the insult was hilarious.

I may have ended up laughing way to hard when Tiff called Mimi a dumpling πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ #micibiza

Me when Tiff referred to Mimi as a dumpling #MadeInChelsea

But many accused her of body-shaming Mimi.

this latest ep of #micIbiza has made me dislike Tiff so much, allowed to dislike someone but body shaming them is too farπŸ‘‹

So disappointed with Tiff and the way she behaved - body shaming Mimi, SO uncalled for.. no excuse! Used to love her πŸ˜’ #micibiza

If Mimi is a dumpling, then the rest of us are sacks of potatoes! What were you thinking, Tiff!? #MiCIbiza #MadeInChelsea #MIC

dunno how tiff can call mimi a dumpling when mimi is literally a size 4-6

Tiff body-shaming Mimi was absolutely revolting. πŸ˜’ #MICIbiza

And things got even more dramatic once the show was over. Mimi took to Instagram to reveal that the comment had prompted her to speak out about body-shaming.

"I wanted to make this video in light of tonight's episode," she said. "I want to talk about body-shaming and why you should never do it. Because what you say to somebody might have an effect on them more than you think."

She continued:

If I got a comment like I did in tonight's episode five years ago, it would've affected me in a different way. I would have cried all day about it. I am so happy in the body I am in. Although I don't look like a 6-foot model, I don't have to look like everybody else. The beauty in being you is beauty in your uniqueness.

Mimi concluded: "What someone says about you says more about them."

She shared the video alongside a comment in which she implored her followers to think about their words and avoid body-shaming.

And she then went on to like a bunch of tweets in which people championed her over Tiffany.

Including one calling Tiffany a "bitch".

Eugh tiff stop being such a bitch #micibiza

As criticism mounted, Tiffany took to Twitter to say she doesn't "condone body-shaming" and that the comment was said out of anger.

Definitely do not agree with or condone body shaming but in the heat of the moment we all say things out of anger. X

She also said she was a "girl who is going to make mistakes occasionally".

And then responded to this tweet which referred to Sam dumping Mimi later in the episode.

And then Tiffany liked a lot of tweets that defended her.

And then Olivia took to Instagram to share this message defending Tiffany.

And liked these tweets.

Luckily for Sam, he's currently holed up in the Celebrity Big Brother house so has escaped the Twitter wrath.


TL;DR: Can't wait for next week's episode.