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    Liam Payne's First Tweets About His New Baby Are Perfect

    Looks like he's got the hang of nappy-changing already.

    Last week, One Direction's Liam Payne became a dad for the first time when his girlfriend Cheryl gave birth to their baby boy.

    Gisela Schober / Getty Images

    The pair announced the news by posting this photo of Liam and the baby, who doesn't yet have a name, on Instagram.

    And Liam's caption shows how completely besotted he is with the new arrival.

    Well, now he's taken to Twitter to thank everyone for their congratulatory messages...

    Thank you to everyone for the love and supportive messages for myself and @CherylOfficial ❤ It really means a lot

    ...before revealing just how hands-on he is, by sharing this amazing tweet about night-time nappy changing.

    When the fourth nappy happens in 5 minutes

    Looks like Liam has taken to fatherhood perfectly. ❤️

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