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20 Frustrating Things People Always Say About Kim Kardashian

She's only famous for her sex tape.

1. "She's only famous for her sex tape."

2. "But she's dumb."

3. "She's such a bad role model."

4. "She's had so much surgery."

5. "Her butt is so fake."

6. "She was only married for 72 days."

She was actually married to Kris Humphries for two years, what with the legal complications surrounding their divorce.

7. "But she named her kid North."

8. "She doesn't even spend any time with North anyway."

9. "All she does is get naked, and she shouldn't because she's a mother."

10. "Her clothes are so ridiculous."

11. "Keeping Up With the Kardashians is so set up."

12. "She should never have been on the cover of Vogue."

13. "Why is what she does even considered news?"

14. "She wears too much make-up."

15. "She has no talent."

16. "But what does she even do?"

17. "She's so materialistic."

18. "All she does is take selfies."

19. "She's just not classy."

20. "She takes herself so seriously."