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20 Frustrating Things People Always Say About Kim Kardashian

She's only famous for her sex tape.

1. "She's only famous for her sex tape."

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It's always great when a woman's expression of sexuality is used to bring them down, isn't it?

2. "But she's dumb."

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If dumb means owning three shops and international clothing, perfume, jewellery, hair, and make-up lines, producing documentaries on mental health, using social media to promote her ~brand~ years before anyone else caught on, and creating one of the highest-grossing mobile apps in history, sure.

3. "She's such a bad role model."

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A financially stable, independent woman who's comfortable with her sexuality and body and has strong family values is a bad role model?

4. "She's had so much surgery."

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She says she hasn't had anything other than botox, which she allowed to be filmed, violent allergic reaction and all, on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

5. "Her butt is so fake."

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Fake or not, that butt made a lot of women who had previously been generally underrepresented by celebrities feel good about their bodies.

6. "She was only married for 72 days."

She was actually married to Kris Humphries for two years, what with the legal complications surrounding their divorce.

7. "But she named her kid North."

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The story behind the name is pretty cute. Kris Jenner explained: "North means the Highest Power, and baby North was the highest point of their relationship together."

8. "She doesn't even spend any time with North anyway."

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When it comes to her own life, everything is up for public consumption. But she and Kanye made the decision that North would not be, so that's why she's rarely photographed with Kim.

9. "All she does is get naked, and she shouldn't because she's a mother."

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Well, she was victimised daily for her weight gain during a physically challenging pregnancy, so maybe she wants to show off her body now she's given birth?

10. "Her clothes are so ridiculous."

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Last time we checked, fashion was subjective, no?

11. "Keeping Up With the Kardashians is so set up."

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Even with its embellishments, it's a show that allows us to see real people, with real flaws, going through real heartbreaks. And it's a show fundamentally about a family who love each other – which seems like a good thing?

12. "She should never have been on the cover of Vogue."

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Well, it sold 500,000 copies and she and Kanye West were the first interracial couple ever to appear on the cover, which is surely a good thing?

13. "Why is what she does even considered news?"

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Because she uses her fame for good causes, such as charity work and speaking out about racism.

14. "She wears too much make-up."

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She's often seen on camera and in public without it – maybe she just enjoys experimenting with it. Her face, her rules.

15. "She has no talent."


She has a talent for making an entire career out of being herself, and has increased her wealth and stardom every year for almost a DECADE.

16. "But what does she even do?"

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Well, a recent interview answered that question. She films KUWTK from 11.30am until 8pm, spends evenings responding to emails and coming up with ideas, has "one or two meetings" a day when she's not filming, including a weekly three-hour design meeting with Sears, and takes Sundays off.

So now you know.

17. "She's so materialistic."

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Tbh, the moment she burst into tears at losing her $75,000 diamond earring in the ocean is one of the best pieces of TV ever broadcast, so I got nothing for this one.

18. "All she does is take selfies."

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Girl's feeling her look – why the hell not? Plus, she's even managed to turn this into a business venture as well.

19. "She's just not classy."

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Cool sexist insult, bro.

20. "She takes herself so seriously."

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She really doesn't. She's actually pretty damn funny.