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    The Fucking Huge Diamond Kylie Jenner's Been Wearing Is Only A Promise Ring

    And she's now wondering how massive her engagement ring will be.

    If you follow Kylie Jenner on any form of social media, you'll have noticed the gigantic diamond ring she's been wearing lately.

    I mean, it's pretty hard to miss.

    She only ever wears it on her ring finger – which led to speculation that Tyga had proposed.

    Did tyga propose to Kylie omg betch

    If that isn't an engagement ring on Kylie Jenner's finger than I don't know what it is!

    Is that an engagement ring I am seeing on Kylie Jenner right now😶

    @KylieJenner Is that an engagement ring I see on your wedding finger?? 💍 #blingbling @famouslive

    However, Kylie has now set the record straight. She's revealed that in actual fact it is just a "promise ring."

    For those who're unclear just what this means, a promise ring signifies commitment to a monogamous relationship and is often a precursor to an actual engagement ring.

    She made the clarification with this snap – and also made the extremely valid point that if this is just a promise ring, how goddamn huge will her engagement ring be?

    Of course it left everyone else evaluating the state of their own finances/life.

    Kylie Jenner's promise ring is equivalent to my 8 semesters/2 summers college tuition. #MustBeNice

    Kylie Jenner's PROMISE ring is worth more than my life

    Kylie Jenner has a promise ring at the age of 19 and I can't even get simple text back...

    Ah, to be a Kardashian/Jenner.