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The Fucking Huge Diamond Kylie Jenner's Been Wearing Is Only A Promise Ring

And she's now wondering how massive her engagement ring will be.

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She only ever wears it on her ring finger – which led to speculation that Tyga had proposed.

Did tyga propose to Kylie omg betch

If that isn't an engagement ring on Kylie Jenner's finger than I don't know what it is!

Is that an engagement ring I am seeing on Kylie Jenner right now😶


@KylieJenner Is that an engagement ring I see on your wedding finger?? 💍 #blingbling @famouslive

However, Kylie has now set the record straight. She's revealed that in actual fact it is just a "promise ring."

For those who're unclear just what this means, a promise ring signifies commitment to a monogamous relationship and is often a precursor to an actual engagement ring.

Of course it left everyone else evaluating the state of their own finances/life.

Kylie Jenner's promise ring is equivalent to my 8 semesters/2 summers college tuition. #MustBeNice


Kylie Jenner's PROMISE ring is worth more than my life

Kylie Jenner has a promise ring at the age of 19 and I can't even get simple text back...