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    Kylie Jenner's Tweets Shutting Down Boob Job Rumours Are Goddamn Perfect

    "TMI but it's that time of the month."

    As a member of the Kardashian/Jenner family, Kylie is used to hearing rumours about herself on a daily basis.

    However, after posting a series of photos of herself on Snapchat and Instagram, fans began speculating whether she'd had a boob job.


    I feel like Kylie Jenner's boobs keep getting bigger and bigger

    Ok @KylieJenner we get it u got ur boobs done

    Can we all agree that Kylie Jenner has had her boobs done now?!

    Rather than just let the rumours spread, however, Kylie took to Twitter to shut them the hell down.

    She then revealed the real, TMI reason why her boobs look a bit bigger than usual.

    She also asked a fan if they'd like to feel her boobs to prove they're real.

    As well as revealing which bra she wears.

    Before revealing that her boobs will "deflate" soon, once her hormones are back to normal.

    And then asked everyone to call it quits.

    Well handled, Kylie. 👏

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