Kylie Jenner Is Being Praised For The "Incredible" Way She's Raising Stormi After A New Video Showed Her Being "Caring, Well-Mannered And Respectful"

    "I love how Kylie talks to Stormi like she's her equal and doesn’t treat her like a baby! She speaks to her with such mutual respect."

    I'm sure you're more than aware of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's 2-year-old daughter, Stormi Webster.

    She is, after all, iconic.

    And if you follow Kylie and Stormi closely, you'll also know that she makes regular appearances in her mom's YouTube videos which largely involve the pair cooking delicious treats together.

    Case in point, this video where they made Halloween cookies and Stormi melted all of our hearts by being the cutest.

    Well, Kylie has now posted a brand new video of her and Stormi making Grinch-inspired cupcakes to mark the launch of her new Kylie Cosmetics holiday collection. And Stormi's appearance has led to fans heaping praise on Kylie's parenting skills.

    Stand out moments from the video include Stormi giving Kylie some encouragement as she iced the cupcakes by telling her: "You got this mommy!"

    At another point Stormi told Kylie she was "so beautiful".

    "I love you so much!"

    When Kylie thanked Stormi for the decorations she'd added to the cakes, Stormi politely replied: "You're welcome."

    And, right at the end of the video Kylie instructed Stormi to say "bye to that camera" as she pointed to the camera in front of them. "Bye that camera," Stormi dutifully responded.

    Within hours of the video being launched, it had racked up over 4 million views and 14,000 comments — many of which praised Kylie for the way she's raising Stormi.

    "I love how Kylie talks to Stormi like she's her equal and doesn’t treat her like a baby!" one comment read. "She speaks to her with such mutual respect."

    "Hats off to Kylie for being an incredible mom," another person wrote. "Stormi is so polite! She taught her respect."

    "Honestly, Stormi is the cutest, most well spoken, most caring kid of her age," another person wrote. "Kylie is definitely a great mom!"

    "Stormi's manners, her personality and her hyping her mom up is the cutest thing ever," said another fan.

    "I literally ADMIRE how polite and respectful Stormi is," another fan posted. "Travis and Kylie did a good job as parents and raised her perfectly."

    You can watch the full video in all its cuteness right here.

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