People Are Mom-Shaming Kylie Jenner For Going To Coachella

    Can we just let her live?

    Back in February, Kylie Jenner gave birth to her first baby – a little girl named Stormi.

    And since then, it's clear that Kylie is loving being a mother. The adorable photos speak for themselves.

    Well, this past weekend Kylie decided to let her hair down at Coachella.

    She shared a series of photos from the festival and clearly looked to be having the best time.

    However, because it's 2018 and we apparently still can't have nice things, it didn't take long before people began criticising Kylie for going to the festival rather than being with Stormi.

    While others berated her for "leaving" Stormi when she "needs her the most."

    One person even called her the "worst mom ever."

    While another branded her "childish."

    Kylie Jenner should be everyone’s example of learning how to use protection fr. This girl really is gonna leave her baby for three days while she goes to Coachella. When she decided to have the child it’s because she chose to stop being a childish but look at her

    Others, however, jumped to Kylie's defence.

    why are people mad about kylie jenner leaving stormi for coachella? god forbid mums having a break every once in a while🙄 bearing in mind she’s went like every other year

    And said that becoming a mother doesn't mean "giving up your identity."

    While others pointed out that Stormi was likely very well looked after while Kylie was gone.

    For those people criticizing Kylie for going to Coachella: Stormi is probably being better taken care of at just a few weeks old than you have been for the entirety of you poor life. Y’all really think she left this baby alone in a closet until she came home? Lmao

    Plus, Stormi clearly wasn't far from Kylie's thoughts – she had the letter "S" painted on one of her nails and wore a necklace spelling out the words: "Baby Mama."

    So, can we just let her live?