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32 Things Kylie Jenner Does On Instagram That Normal People Can't

Why not sunbathe in woolen shorts?

1. Get comfortable by the pool for a sunbathing session while wearing a pair of woolen shorts.

2. Stand around in a leotard while people apply your makeup for you.

3. Chill out and relax on your balcony in this comfortable outfit.

4. Climb out of your vintage convertible, gazing into the distance while wearing thigh-high leather boots.

5. Take a photo in your Rolls Royce while bored in L.A. traffic.

6. Pose for a photo with the fake tan product you've just used carefully arranged on the bed behind you.

7. Have someone perfectly apply your makeup, then take a nap in the midday sun.

8. Take a photo of half your bikini-clad body.

9. Do the same thing, but from behind.

10. Board your private jet with a bag of fried chicken like it's NBD.

11. Once onboard, look unimpressed with the private jet.

12. Adorn your fingers and nails with diamonds and then take a photo of your hand.

13. Share a photo of the renovations currently being carried out at your new $2.8 million home.

14. Pose for a photo in which you've removed all clothes except a fur jacket.

15. Pose with your teeth-whitening laser.

16. Share a snap of a magazine with your face on the cover.

17. Everything that's happening here.

18. And also here.

19. Take a selfie to ensure you can show off your $78,000 Audemars Piguet watch.

20. Or gigantic gold Rolex.

21. Share a photo from an intense workout session on a balcony.

22. Check yourself out in the window of your $87,000 Mercedes.

23. Or just lie on the bonnet.

24. Or, you know, stand on the bonnet of another car. Whatever.

25. Or post a photo of your whole fleet of $87,000 Mercedes.

26. Share a snap of your dog sitting in his own Louis Vuitton carrier.

27. Post a photo of literally just your lips and grill.

28. Enjoy a 28-day tea detox.

29. Adopt this natural position while hanging out in your kitchen.

30. And this equally natural pose while hanging out in your bedroom.

31. Share a photo of a tattoo of a gun drawn on your torso in pen.

32. And, finally, pose with your fans, who are all stationed on the other side of a glass door.