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Kylie Jenner Hung Out With Her BFF Stassie Despite The Social Distancing Rules And It's Caused A Huge Backlash

"Social distancing doesn't apply if you're a billionaire."

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Just like the rest of us, celebrities across the globe are currently staying home as much as possible in a bid to combat the coronavirus crisis.

It's safe to say that they're all occupying their time in different ways. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis have started a family book club, Chris Hemsworth is attempting to homeschool his kids, while Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have been roasting each other on social media.

And one celebrity who has also been doing her bit to help flatten the curve is Kylie Jenner.

In fact, at the beginning of the outbreak, Kylie was extremely vocal on social media about the importance of social distancing, issuing daily updates and advice to fans about staying at home.

"It's serious, and the only way that we're gonna slow this down is if we do this, because there is not a cure right now. Nobody's immune to this — millennials are not immune to this," she added.

She even revealed that her pregnancy with Stormi had helped prepare her for social distancing, explaining that she stayed at home "for months" to avoid being photographed.

However, Kylie has now attracted criticism from fans after appearing to break the California lockdown and social distancing rules by hanging out with her BFF, Stassie Karanikolaou.

Despite isolating separately at their respective homes until now, Kylie and Stassie spent Monday at the makeup mogul's newly purchased $36 million mansion in Holmby Hills, where they tried out new Kylie Cosmetics products...

Playing basketball...

Drinking juice...

Hanging out with Stormi...

Practicing many TikTok dances...

And recreating iconic Keeping Up With the Kardashians moments.

But it didn't take long before fans called Kylie out on social media for appearing to break the California lockdown measures, and vented frustration that the rules appeared "different for billionaires".

kylie didn’t even try to learn the dance also did they forget about social distancing??? ig it doesn’t apply if ur a billionaire

so everyone’s talking about kylie jenner making tik toks but not the fact that she just broke the rules of lockdown and randomly let her friend come into her house? great influence

@Complex @KylieJenner I love how social distancing doesn't apply to celebrities

kylie isn’t social distancing. calling the police on her as well.

And many more people questioned how Kylie appeared to have had her hair done since the last time she posted on social media despite the lockdown.

It’s interesting that Kylie Jenner’s hair and everything keeps changing while shes “suffering thru social distancing with us”

kylie jenner got her hair did, so she exempt from social distancing then ??

This isn't the first time Kylie has come under fire for hanging out with Stassie despite the lockdown measures. Last week, the she was photographed outside her friend's home holding chips and coconut water.

Honestly perplexed by Kylie Jenner going to hangout with Stassie, while encouraging her followers to stay home, self isolate, and social distance. It would be one thing if she was a typical 22 year old but she has a baby girl at home. Thats just irresponsible & she was barefoot??

And, the week before that, Kylie also spent time with her mom at Kris Jenner's Palm Springs mansion.

A spokesperson for Kylie Jenner has been contacted for comment.

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