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    Kim Kardashian's New Hair Is The Most OMFG Thing You'll See Today

    But let's face it, she can pull off just about anything.

    Kim Kardashian is known for her long, dark locks.

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    And when she arrived in Paris yesterday wearing a massive hat, we had an inkling that she may have undergone a hair makeover.

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    And earlier today she accidentally revealed that her hair was a new shade of blonde, when some escaped from the sides of her hat.

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    Well, now she's stepped out revealing the full new look and OMFG.

    The bleach blonde bob is unlike any look we've ever seen from Kim and is the most daring hairstyle she's ever tried out.

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    I mean, just WOW.

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    Splash News
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    Let's be honest, Kim pulls off every look possible and this is no exception. πŸ’

    Kim shared this snap from the hairdresser's chair after stepping out in Paris, showing off her freshly dyed hair which at that stage hadn't been slicked back.

    Plstinum! Thank u @joycebonelli for being my inspiration and introducing me to @GregoryRussellHair @LorriGoddard_

    1. What do you think of Kim's new hair?

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    What do you think of Kim's new hair?
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      I love it – it's daring, but she pulls it off.
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      I hate it β€” she should have stuck with her old look.

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