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Kim Kardashian Showed Up At Glastonbury In The Most Kim Kardashian Way Possible

We didn't expect anything less tbh.

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Last night, Kanye West headlined Glastonbury, playing what wife Kim Kardashian described as the "craziest show ever".

And while most people show up to Glastonbury in a car, Kim travelled to the festival in a helicopter. She shared this photo during the journey.

During the show, Kanye actually made a really cute speech in which he dedicated a song to her.

He was joined on stage by Bon Iver's Justin Vernon to perform "Lost In The World," and afterwards he said: "That song was extra special to me. I was trying to explain to a girl I loved so much how much I loved her. She brought this poetry out in me that became the lyrics, and she ended up being my wife and she's here tonight."