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    Kim Kardashian Revealed The Other Names She Considered For Chicago And They're Quite Something

    Queen West, anyone?

    In January, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their third child — a girl named Chicago.

    Of course, the unusual name caused a stir when it was announced, but the real surprise was the fact it had more than one syllable — something Kim was dead against before Chicago's arrival.

    The Ellen Show

    Speaking on The Ellen Show, Kim said: "My daughter says the name "Star" all the time. She names everything "Star West." I'm not vibing on it. I do like short, easy to spell, one syllable names. That's kind of my vibe."

    Speaking after Chicago's birth, Kim revealed that she still wasn't really sure why she had agreed to the moniker.

    The Ellen Show

    Speaking on The Ellen Show, Kim said: "It kind of messes with me, I'm not going to lie. I really liked the one syllable thing. I don't even know why [we chose it.]"

    Kim also revealed that she and Kanye contemplated naming Chicago Rei, Jo and Grace but that she didn't suit any of the choices.

    And Kim also said that she wants to give Chicago a middle name because she still doesn't feel that her first name "flows."

    But in the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians we learned that Kim had mulled over even more potential names — and a few of them were interesting to say the least.


    Speaking to her sisters in one scene, Kim revealed that she'd considered the names "Italy, Milan and Rome," and "scoured a map" for other geographical names but didn't like any of them. She also considered "zodiac signs and biblical names," such as "Aaron and Abel" but didn't like those either.

    And when it came to Kanye's suggestions, Kim wasn't a fan of those either.


    Speaking to Kourtney, Kim said: "I got the most ridiculous ideas, like "Queen" and "Vuitton" and "This." Kanye's cousin is like, "Miracle," and I'm like, "Miracle West?!" That's like Miracle Whip and that's the biggest stripper name of all time. And then he's like, "What about "Precious?" and I'm like, "Clearly we don't have the same taste in names."

    But after deciding on Chicago, Kim acknowledged that the "whole world" was probably going to brand the name "crazy."


    She said: "Everyone's going to be like, "Oh my god, that's the craziest name!" Then they're going to go crazy. Then they'll get used to it and they'll be like, "Oh, it's normal."

    And she concluded by revealing that she and Kanye had settled on the name as a tribute to his late mother, Donda.


    She said: "Kanye is originally from Chicago, and the city is really connected to his memories of his mom. So, we went with Chicago."

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