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This Is What Kim And Kanye Did After The Brit Awards

No after-parties for Kimye.

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Last night Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made appearances at the Brit Awards. Kanye performed...

ITV / Via

Although ITV muted most of the performance, which made the whole thing slightly awkward.

And Kim watched on, kind of bobbing her head and clicking her fingers next to Taylor Swift.

ITV / Via BuzzFeed

And given that they're the World's Most Talked About Couple, we'd imagine they would've had tickets to just about every after-party taking place in London following the show.

But did they go to any? No. No they did not. They left the venue to go straight to a recording studio.

Which sounds like a nice romantic evening. /

Which sounds like a nice romantic evening.

They took a selfie, obviously.

And then Kim decided to lick Kanye's face.

And share it with the world.

So now you know. ❤️