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    Kim Kardashian Has Given An Honest And Emotional Interview About Bruce Jenner's Transition

    "I know it’s not something that you or I could really, fully understand. But I don’t think we have to."

    Friday night, Bruce Jenner's highly anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer aired, in which he explained he is transitioning into a woman.


    He said: "My brain is much more female than it is male," and when Sawyer asked "Are you a woman?" Jenner replied, "Yes. For all intensive [sic] purposes, I am a woman."

    The whole Kardashian/Jenner family were quick to voice their support on Twitter, but now Kim Kardashian has spoken at length about the transition, revealing the adjustments the family are making, and the pride they feel.

    Speaking on The Today Show, Kardashian explained that she is relieved that, while she can never "fully understand" what Jenner has been through, she is happy he is living the life as he's always wanted.

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    She said:

    "Bruce just has the biggest heart and I'm really happy for him that he is living his life the way he wants to live it. And that he has found inner peace and just pure happiness. That's what life is about. I don't know what life would be like if you always felt you just weren't yourself. And I know it's not something that you or I could really, fully understand. But I don't think we have to. I think as long as he is happy and he wants to live his life, however he wants to live it, that just makes me happy. And I support him 100%."

    She went on to explain that the family are continually adjusting to support Jenner in the best way they can.

    Kardashian said:

    "I think there is still an adjustment. There's family therapy, and we're really close. I see reports that say, "This one doesn't support him, and this one's over there, and my mom feels this way..." It's all really made up. We all support him. It's a daily process."

    Kardashian also revealed that the family have communicated with the gender identity organisations in order to help them be "respectful and supportive," with focus on, for example, which pronouns to use when talking about Jenner.

    She said:

    "We have been talking to people from the Glad Organization and others on, "What do we call him? Do we say 'him' or 'her,' and how do we be respectful?" You just want to be supportive and respectful. Bruce really wants us to feel as comfortable as possible and take everything at our own pace and we love and respect him for that. Until this transition is done, we've learned that you refer to him as 'him'".


    Kim placed constant emphasis on how important communicating as a family has been in helping them adjust to the transition, with her revealing they've had "hundreds" of family meetings to support each other.

    She said:

    "There is every emotion you can possibly imagine. There were hundreds of family meetings. Say what you want about us, but we work out everything as a family. We have the best communication and we are so in-synch with each other. I love having so many siblings and such a supportive mom because each family member might be dealing with this in a different way, but we have each other to go through this experience with. And I'm very grateful for that.

    She concluded by saying that Jenner is prepared and ready to face the intense attention he is now going to receive, adding that he hopes to help others experiencing the same thing.

    Kardashian added:

    "I think he's prepared for it. He has waited almost 65 years to make this decision, and, whether he's kept it to himself or not, he's lived with it. I think that when you are finally ready to be your true self, then you're prepared for anything. I think he's ready for the challenges and ready to help other people's lives, who might be going through the same things that he's going through. And thats something he's really proud of and something that he is really read to take on. And I'm really proud of him for that."

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