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Kim Kardashian Has Announced She Wants To Lose Another 20 Pounds And Everyone On Instagram Disagrees

You're beautiful the way you are!

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It's no secret that Kim Kardashian has been on a weight-loss mission since the birth of her daughter, North West, last June.

She was a devoted follower of the Atkins diet and has been hitting the gym on a daily basis.

But now she's been told by her Instagram followers that she's gone too far, after posting this flashback photo and announcing that she wants to lose another 20 pounds.

She shared the image with the caption, "#FBF ughhh I am 20 lbs lighter here! This was just 5 years ago! Ok I'm going back on my grind. I gotta get back here!"

It wasn't long before Kim was inundated with comments calling her a "bad role model" and telling her she doesn't need to lose any more weight.

You're gorgeous as you are, Kim.