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Kim Kardashian Gave The Most Savage Clapback To Lindsay Lohan After She Tried To Shade Her

Are we back in 2008?

Once upon a time, Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan were good friends.

They hung out together at LA's hottest nightclubs when Kim was BFFs with Paris Hilton, before the friendship broke down and years of feuding ensued.

However, while Paris and Kim have put their differences aside in recent times, it seems there's no love lost between Kim and Lindsay.

Because yesterday Lindsay joined in the criticism of Kim's new hairstyle, and Kim was not here for it.

This is what went down: Kim shared this photo of herself with Fulani Braids, which she labelled "Bo Derek braids", in reference to the actress from the movie 10.

But within minutes of her posting the photo, people began to accuse Kim of cultural appropriation.

I’m still a bit peeved on how @KimKardashian had the audacity to call these braids “Bo Derrick” braids 🙄

Kim Kardashian wearing Fulani braids and calling them Bo Derek braids is the cultural appropriation tweet I didn’t… https://t.co/h7VrI7DLjR

I do not dislike the Kardashians. I can admit that no problem. But come the fuck on with the cultural appropriation… https://t.co/UYSu2i1BZl

One such person was Perez Hilton, who shared the photo of Kim's braids on Instagram, asking followers for their thoughts.

And who should swiftly arrive in the comments but Lindsay Lohan, who said she was "confused" by Kim's look.

But Kim was not here for the shade. She responded with this zinger.

Kim's comment refers to the strange accent Lindsay suddenly began speaking with in 2016.

Some people thought Kim's comment was amazing.

Lindsay Lohan said she was confused by Kim K’s braids And kim responded Saying “you know what’s confusing... you… https://t.co/zmh4EZyIZc

Me arriving to the Kim K ended Lindsay Lohan party

Kim K son’d Lindsay Lohan and I am here for it!!!

While others took Lindsay's side.

How dare Kim K come for Lindsay Lohan, I’m real life ready to throw hands

Many people also wondered whether they'd been transported back to 2008.

Kim K and Lindsay Lohan are beefing in Perez Hilton’s Instagram comments section..did I transport back in time or what?

But it appears that Kim was unfazed by the whole thing. Shortly after she left the comment, Kim posted this photo on Instagram with a pretty savage caption.