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    Khloé Kardashian Shared A Series Of Tweets About Her Breakup From Tristan Thompson

    She also denied he's been an "absent father" to True since their split.

    You probably don't need me to remind you that Khloé Kardashian is currently in the midst of a difficult breakup after her ex-boyfriend/baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, was accused of cheating on her with Kylie Jenner's best friend, Jordyn Woods.

    One week after the allegations broke, Jordyn sat down for a tell-all interview in which she claimed that Tristan kissed her as she left a house party at 6 a.m., but maintained that nothing else had happened.

    Red Table Talk / Facebook: redtabletalk

    Khloé swiftly took to Twitter to brand Jordyn a "liar" and blamed her for the breakup of her family.

    A couple of days later, however, Khloé went back on her word and assigned some of the blame to Tristan. However, after the second batch of tweets, the reality star stepped away from Twitter.

    Well, last week, reports surfaced claiming that Tristan had essentially disappeared from True's life, and "wasn't making any effort" to see her.

    Instagram: @realtristan13

    Us Weekly reported that Khloé was becoming increasingly "extremely upset" with Tristan's lack of effort in being involved in True's life. The source went on to claim that Tristan had been on the road with basketball and adopted an attitude of "I will see True when I see her".

    One day after the reports broke, Khloé shared this photo of True wearing a top with the words "wish you were here" across the back. People quickly began speculating that the image was directed at Tristan.

    After reading the various reports, a fan of Khloé's decided to tweet her with a message of support, saying that she's doing a great job of raising her, and "all [True] needs is her mom".

    And Khloé decided to return to Twitter to respond to the message. In doing so, she shut down the reports that Tristan had been absent, maintained that he's a "good dad", and said she'll never put True in the middle of their issues.

    She went on to reply to a couple more tweets, revealing her current state of mind after a tough few weeks.

    Khloé firstly credited True as the reason for her getting through the breakup.

    And she went on to hint that the whole ordeal will feature in the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, due to hit our screens at the end of the month.

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