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    Khloé Kardashian And Lamar Odom Revealed Some Secrets About Their Marriage And Divorce

    "I could not handle the lethal cocktail of the spotlight, addiction, a diminishing career and infidelity."

    You probably know that for a short while, Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom were KUWTK's fairytale success story and one of the most popular celebrity couples around.


    Their relationship was something of a whirlwind — they got engaged and married all within a month of first meeting in 2009.

    However, after two years of marriage, things began to go badly wrong. Behind closed doors, Lamar was cheating on Khloé and struggling with a drug addiction.


    Khloé kept both a secret from her family and the public for two years,

    until the fact that Lamar had gone missing for 72 hours in August 2013 was leaked to the media and widely reported. After this incident, Khloé began speaking about their marital issues on KUWTK and eventually filed for divorce in December 2013.

    However, following Lamar's near-fatal overdose in a Nevada brothel in 2015, Khloé paused their divorce proceedings in order to help him make a full recovery.

    At one point it looked as though they might get back together, but after he was spotted drinking alcohol six months after his release from hospital, Khloé filed for divorce again, with proceedings finalised in 2016.

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    Both Khloé and Lamar have avoided speaking about their relationship since then. However, over the past week, both of them have coincidentally given separate interviews in which they opened up about their marriage and divorce.


    Things began when Lamar spoke to People, revealing that he still regrets cheating on Khloé and using cocaine during their marriage "to this day".


    He said: "I wish I could have been more of a man. It still bothers me to this day. But regret is something we have to learn to live with."

    In serialised passages from his upcoming memoir, Lamar went on to reveal that he was blissfully happy and completely faithful to Khloé at the start of their marriage, before explaining the reason he turned to drugs and infidelity.

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    He wrote: "For a while, being with her was bliss and I was the happiest I've ever been. We were one of the most famous couples in Hollywood and we made more money together than we had individually. At the start of the marriage I was faithful to her. But I could not handle the lethal cocktail of the spotlight, addiction, a diminishing career and infidelity."

    He went on to say that he "couldn't keep [his] dick in [his] pants or coke out of [his] nose", and became adept at lying to Khloé about his drug addiction.

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    He explained: "[I had] paranoia, anxiety, depression. I couldn't keep my dick in my pants or the coke out of my nose. Drug addicts are incredibly skilled at hiding their habit. I'd get defensive and Khloé would just drop it.”

    Lamar also said that Khloé halting their divorce proceedings and supporting him after his overdose was proof of her "unconditional" love for him, before adding that he still misses her and holds out hope for a friendship one day.

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    He said: "I hope we can be friends. I miss the family. And I hope we can all be reacquainted one day."

    Meanwhile, Khloé spoke on the Divorce Sucks podcast, where she revealed that divorcing Lamar was her first ever experience of heartbreak.

    She went on to say that she learned many lessons during the split, but mainly that "healing" is possible after a breakup.

    Khloé also addressed her reasoning for pausing their divorce in 2015.

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    She explained: "It was like two years of us trying to get the divorce going. And then [the overdose] happened. We paused the divorce, not for any romantic reasons, but [because] I wanted to be able to help take care of him and make sure he would be OK again."

    "It just didn't work out," she concluded. "I think he's an incredible person, and I just want the best for him."


    Lamar Odom's memoir, Darkness to Light, is out on 28 May.

    You can read the full interview with Lamar Odom here.

    And you can listen to the full interview with Khloé Kardashian here.