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    Updated on Sep 7, 2018. Posted on Sep 7, 2018

    Kendall Jenner Said She "Really Doesn't Care" Enough To Get Involved With Kardashian Family Drama

    I am living for this drama.

    You probably know about all the drama that's gone down between Kourtney, Kim and Khloé Kardashian during the latest season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

    In the most recent episode, Kourtney turned to Kendall who acted as a reluctant mediator between the siblings.


    But Kendall has now opened up about the drama, revealing that she just "doesn't care" enough to get involved. It's quite the mood.

    Speaking on The Tonight Show, Kendall said: "There's a lot of drama going on [in the latest season] which is exciting, but it's great that I'm not a part of it, really. I don't know how I stay out of the drama. I just don't really care."

    And Kendall went on to speak about the drama that goes on behind the scenes in the family's various group chats. In fact, it turns out that there are multiple chats consisting of different family members where they talk shit about the ones not present.

    Kendall said:

    We have family group chats. We have a bunch of them because all different people are in certain ones. I was on a group chat with Khloé and Kourtney the other day and we were talking about something — I don't even think it was something bad about one of our other family members — but I had this realisation. I was like, "Oh my god, do you have a group chat about me?! Do you talk about me in other group chats?" And they were like, "Kendall, you don't ever do anything wrong. We don't talk about you."

    However, Kendall went on to say that her sisters could have been lying since she's denied talking shit about them in group chats they aren't a part of.

    She said:

    Unless they're lying. They're probably lying. Because I said the same thing to Kourtney and Khloé. They were like, "You don't ever talk about us do you?" and I was like, "No."

    How long before these revelations become the subject of a group chat?


    You can watch the full interview here.

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