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    Fans Are Praising Kelly Clarkson's Response To A Commenter Who Said Her Marriage Failed Because She Works Too Much

    "Stop shaming a woman who has a great work ethic, is a great mom and who steps up and fills in when a friend asks for a favor."

    Back in June, Kelly Clarkson confirmed that she and husband Brandon Blackstock were divorcing after almost 7 years together.

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    Court documents showed that Kelly filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences and requesting joint legal and physical custody of their children.

    While the announcement came as a shock to some, it appeared that Kelly actually made several hints at marital problems in the months leading up to their split.

    The first sign of an impending split was Kelly putting both of their two family homes up for sale between December 2019 and May this year.

    She also revealed that she and Brandon were disagreeing over whether to have more children, and that she'd spent her 38th birthday alone by choice.

    Kelly also hadn't shared a single photo of her husband on Instagram since March and appeared to have unfollowed him on the platform too.

    However, since then the pair — who share two children, River, 6, and 4-year-old Remington — have kept silent on the split and the reasons for it.

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    Well, earlier this week, Kelly filled in for Simon Cowell on America's Got Talent after he broke his back in an electric bike accident on August 8.

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    Simon announced in a series of tweets that he'd undergone an operation after the accident, before thanking the medical team who'd cared for him.

    Kelly made the announcement that she'd be joining the show temporarily in a video posted to Instagram where she tried out her best British accent, with mixed results.

    And she also tweeted about her experience on the show, including this message to her fellow judges, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum, which showed what a great time she'd had.

    Shout out to @SofiaVergara and @heidiklum 😜 have an amazing day ladies! It’s no Wham!, Heidi, but it’s close ha!

    However, because this is 2020 and we can't have nice things, it wasn't long before a troll cropped up in the replies of the tweet and announced that Kelly's marriage failed because of her desire to work.

    "Now Kelly is taking Simon's place — no wonder her marriage didn't work," the since-deleted tweet read. "Surprise[d] she has time for her kids. Not the good old country girl we fell in love with, it's all about Kelly being on TV and no one else. No tears for her but for her kids."

    But never one to take unjust comments lying down, Kelly decided to respond and urged the Twitter user to stop "shaming" her and "aim higher".

    "Wow. Stop shaming a woman who has a great work ethic, is a great mom and who steps up and fills in when a friend asks for a favor because that's actually what 'good old country girls do,'" she wrote.

    "This can't be who you are deep down," she added. "I have more faith in your heart. Aim higher please."

    Wow. Shaming a woman who has a great work ethic, is a great mom, and who steps up and fills in when a friends asks for a favor because that’s actually what “good old country girls” do.... this can’t be who you are deep down. I have more faith in your heart. Aim higher please ❤️

    And people were quick to flood Kelly's replies with messages of support and praise after her response.

    @kellyclarkson Wow!! Kelly. I can’t even respond to her comment it is so upsetting. You are a good person and a wonderful mom and a joy to watch. I don’t know you but I feel you to be A great role model for all women. I have watched you perform since the first American Idol. Stay strong.

    @kellyclarkson I don't know you Kelly, but when I see the horrible things you must read on here from other strangers, I want to send you extra love and as much good energy as I can. You are a Queen, strong and graceful. Bless 🙏🏽

    @kellyclarkson You are doing what is best for you and your family!!! Don’t let anyone talk you don’t or make you feel like you’re less of a mother.

    @kellyclarkson Kelly from one mom to another you are a freaking bomb!!! Love you girl! Climb those mountains and your response to that poor woman was beautiful. Your soul is shining and what a great example for your children. Keep it real! Love and blessings, wine can’t hurt either lol💜💯👊🏻🤪

    Go Kelly!

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