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Updated on Dec 25, 2018. Posted on Oct 5, 2015

17 Things Kylie Jenner Did Three Years Ago That She'd Never Do Now

A lot has changed in just three years.

1. Three years ago, Kylie Jenner was all about poker-straight hair and bandage dresses.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

2. And accessorising with sparkly clutch bags.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

3. In 2015 Kylie would never rock hoodies and leopard-print slippers.

4. Or velour tracksuits and Ugg boots.

5. (She really did love those Ugg boots.)

Because now she's a fully fledged ~style icon~ and her looks are always on point.

And her footwear is more extreme.

6. She would never use a "Keep Calm and Carry On" phone cover in 2015.

Because she knows that less is more.

7. She rarely posts photos from Kris Jenner's home these days.

Because now she takes them in her own $2.7 million mansion, NBD.

8. And back in 2012, Tyga was just the special guest who performed at Kendall's 16th birthday party.

Now Kylie's ~In LoVe~ with him.

9. 2015 Kylie would never pull this face in a selfie.

10. And smiling like this is no longer permitted.

Because her selfies are carefully constructed works of goddamn art.

Werk it.

11. This car selfie certainly wouldn't pass the test in 2015.

Because she's got the car posing DOWN.

This is where some of her best posing of all time occurs.

12. Cowboy hats are in no way a thing anymore.

She's all about wigs and baseball caps now.

13. Three years ago she hung out with her friends, eating frozen yoghurt.

14. And shopping at the mall, obviously dressed in a tracksuit.

Now she's having her make-up done at photoshoots. 💁

15. Three years ago she mingled with fans.

Nowadays she's so famous they have to remain behind glass.

16. Three years ago, dressing up involved hats and whiskers drawn on her face in pen.

Nowadays dressing up is slightly more arty.

17. This pose would never happen in 2015.

Because she has this one instead.

18. And, finally, a selfie into the mirror where her face is partially obscured by her phone is frankly a crime.

That would never, ever happen today.

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