Katie Price Wore This Today And We Have A Few Questions

So many questions, so little time.

So Katie Price wore this today.

Tim P. Whitby / Getty

And, somewhat unsurprisingly, It prompted a few questions.

1. Just where did she find a crystal-encrusted multi-coloured stripy dress and matching thigh-high socks?

Tim P. Whitby / Getty

Either she’s going to different shops to us, or she’s instructed a genius to create this ensemble.

2. Why don’t the shoes match the rest of the outfit?

Tim P. Whitby / Getty

Poor attention to detail, but we’ll let her off this time.

3. How is she managing to conceal that baby bump?

Tim P. Whitby / Getty

She’s over six months gone now and she’s still TINY. How does she do it?!

4. Does the lack of wedding ring mean that she and Kieran Hayler are officially over?

Tim P. Whitby / Getty

We know that he cheated on her for seven months with her best mate of 20 years, but there were rumours he was attempting to win her back.

Does this public display of bare finger mean that she really is serious about divorcing him?

5. Is the head-dress made up of lots of pictures of her? Let’s zoom in.

No, it just looks like it is. There is however one photo of her, presumably to remind us all that she is actually endorsing a product here.

6. Erm…

Tim P. Whitby / Getty

7. Was the My Little Pony resemblance deliberate?

Tim Whitby / Getty


Because it really is quite uncanny.

8. If so, was it a kind of extension of this masterpiece?

Fred Duval / Getty

9. Is it just us seeing similarities between the big hair, headdress, pink and sparkles here and on her wedding day to Peter Andre?

Tim Whitby / Getty



10. Or did she just go to a few May Fayres this year?

Tim P Whitby / Getty


11. Or watch a few too many episodes of “Rainbow Bright”?

Tim P Whitby / Getty

Hallmark Cards


12. Was the metallic lipstick a nod to both Joey from “Friends” and Katy Perry?

Tim Whitby / Getty



Because if so, it’s perfect.

13. And finally. Just, why?

Tim P Whitby / Getty

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Ellie Woodward is a senior celebrity reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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