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    Kate Beckinsale Had The Best Response To USA Today Mistaking Her For Kate Middleton

    "Back to resume my royal duties. William says hi."

    Over the weekend, Kate Beckinsale revealed she'd been hospitalised with a ruptured ovarian cyst.

    She shared the news with a caption on Instagram alongside two photos from her hospital bed.

    Of course, media outlets rushed to report on the story, including USA Today who accidentally used an image of Kate Middleton β€” otherwise known as the Duchess of Cambridge, future Queen and very much not Kate Beckinsale β€” alongside theirs.

    And once the mistake began doing the rounds across the internet, it didn't take long before Kate Beckinsale β€” not Middleton β€” saw it and decided to respond.

    Sharing a screenshot of the mistake on Instagram, Kate revealed that she had been "moved and touched" by everyone's kind words over the past few days before adding: "I am feeling much better and I hope all the other girls going through it are too. Back to resume my royal duties. William says hi."

    Needless to say, people loved it.

    All hail the new Queen Kate.

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