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    Kate Beckinsale Absolutely Owned An Instagram Commenter Who Called Her "Dreadfully Thin"

    The response is just the latest in a series of A-plus clapbacks from Kate.

    Kate Beckinsale has continued her streak of A-plus responses to trolls on Instagram after reading and replying to a body-shaming comment.

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    Over recent months, the actor has really honed the art of perfect comebacks to shitty Instagram comments about everything from her relationships to her appearance.

    For example, back in July, a commenter asked her: "Why do you keep dating guys that could be your children?" in apparent reference to her past relationships with Goody Grace and Pete Davidson.

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    "Every relationship I have had has been solely to annoy you," Kate replied, with over 1,000 impressed fans going on to like the comment.

    Shortly afterward, Kate was told by another commenter that she should "stop getting Botox" because she'd "regret it later in life."

    "I literally don’t get Botox," Kate fired back. "Please hop off my dick you will so regret it later in life."

    Well, Kate's latest clapback came after she posted this video on Instagram, showing her snuggling next to her cat dressed as Chucky because I guess it's Halloween soon and we've all spent most of this year losing our minds.

    While most of the comments were positive and from fans who thought the video was hilarious, one Instagram user decided to use the opportunity to body-shame her, writing "You're dreadfully thin."

    Kate wasted absolutely no time in crafting the perfect reply, pointing out that the troll didn't really have a leg to stand on given a certain detail in their profile picture.

    "You're wearing speedo goggles," Kate wrote. "It might be hard for you to be entirely confident about what you’re seeing — much less comment about it."

    Go Kate!


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